SATs 2021: When Are The KS1 & KS2 SATs Test Dates And Everything Else You Need To Know

Neither SATs 2020 nor SATs 2021 took place. This is as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, school closures and pupils absences.

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When are the KS1 SATs 2021?

The KS1 SATs for 2021 were to have taken place during May.

SATs 2021 KS1 dates

When are the KS2 SATs 2022?

The 2022 KS2 SATs will take place between Monday 9th May and Thursday 11th May.

SATs 2021 KS2 dates
  • Monday May 10th 2021: Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Grammar/Punctuation Test) – 45 minutes
  • Monday May 10th 2021: Spelling, punctuation and grammar  (Spelling Test) – 20 minutes
  • Tuesday May 11th 2021: Reading Test – 60 minutes
  • Wednesday May 12th 2021: Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday May 12th 2021: Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes
  • Thursday May 13th 2021: Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes
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Format of KS1 and KS2 SATs

While both the KS1 and KS2 SATs usually take place in May, their formats are rather different. The Key Stage 1 SATs are made of 6 total papers, and are not usually timed. The KS2 SATs also have 6 papers, but these are timed.

At KS2 there is also a ‘Writing’ component to the SATs, but this is usually teacher-assessed.

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KS1 SATs Papers 2021

These are the exams Year 2 pupils usually sit.

The KS1 Maths SATs (2 Papers)

  • Paper 1 is a 25 mark arithmetic test; it usually takes around 15 minutes.
  • Paper 2 involves reasoning, problem solving and mathematical fluency questions, and takes around 35 minutes.

The KS1 SPaG SATs (2 Papers)

  • Paper 1 is a 20 word spelling paper for 20 marks, and takes 15 minutes.
  • Paper 2 is a reading booklet containing several different passages – usually around 900 words in total.

The KS1 Reading SATs (2 Papers)

  • Paper 1 consists of a variety of texts totalling between 400-700 words. Pupils will have to answer questions throughout.
  • Paper 2 consists of a reading booklet containing different passages of text. This will average out at roughly 900 words.

KS2 SATs Papers 2021

These are the exams Year 6 pupils usually sit in May.

The KS2 Reading SATs:

  • This test is one paper, consisting of three different passages of text and questions about them. There is a one hour time limit.

The KS2 SPaG SATs:

  • Paper 1 is a 20 word aural spelling test – usually around 15 minutes long.
  • Paper 2 is a written English grammar and punctuation paper, which will last for 45 minutes.

The KS2 Maths SATs (3 Papers):

  • Paper 1 is an arithmetic paper that takes 30 minutes.
  • Papers 2 and 3 are reasoning papers, each lasting 40 minutes.

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