SATs Results 2024: What You Need To Know

It won’t be long before the SATs results 2024 loom into focus again. At Third Space Learning as usual our aim is to provide you with as much information and insight as we can give you about these results in a timely fashion.

For now, all we know is that the SATs results in 2024 will be released in July. Last year, the SATs results came out on 11th July 2023 so we can assume similar timings for this year as this is the expected standard. We also have provisional test dates over a week period for KS2 which we’ll also include in this article.

We will be following all the developments this SATs season and this blog will act as a live tracker of all things related to the KS2 results for SATs 2024. As the KS1 SATs are now optional, we’ll be focusing predominantly on KS2. It will be regularly updated with all of the results, SATs data, question types, and analysis throughout this academic year.

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Maths SATs 2023 Question Breakdown: Staff Discussion Points

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Need more support this year in preparing for SATs?

An example lesson slide from our online one to one maths SATs revision programme
An example lesson slide from our online one to one maths SATs revision programme.

Our online maths tuition is the outstanding way to prepare your pupils for SATs. You can use either National Tutoring Programme funding or your pupil premium allocation. However, we understand that this won’t be available for all schools so we also have hundreds of free resources and practice year 6 maths SATS papers for you to download for free. This KS2 SATs revision page has links to most of what you’ll need.

But best of all, to really focus your revision and SATs preparation, start here to get a sense of the most important topics to cover. This can help you set topics for SATs practice papers to help with school performance. Here’s what’s likely to come up in the SATs papers in 2024:

How To Create A Year 6 Maths Revision Programme So That All Your Pupils Achieve 100 In KS2 SATs [2023 UPDATE]

KS2 SATs 2024 dates

Exam dates

  • Monday 13th May 2024: Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Grammar/Punctuation Test) – 45 minutes
  • Monday 13th May 2024: Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Spelling Test) – 20 minutes
  • Tuesday 14th May 2024: Reading Test – 60 minutes
  • Wednesday 15th May 2024: Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) – 30 minutes
  • Wednesday 15th May 2024: Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes
  • Thursday 16th May 2024: Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes

KS2 SATs papers released from embargo

All SATs test materials and mark schemes for KS2 maths and English will be expected to be released online for download in May 2024 for each primary school, but we haven’t been told the exact dates yet. These will comprise the English reading paper, the grammar and punctuation paper, the spelling paper, and the mathematics papers on reasoning.

The Key Stage 2 SATs results 2024 are expected to be released in July, but this date isn’t yet confirmed.

Here’s what we will cover on this page the day the results come out:

  • KS2 SATs results 2024: the headlines
  • English SATs results 2024
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar SATs results 2024
  • Maths SATs results 2024
  • Scaled score conversion tables for the KS2 SATs results
  • How the 2024 SATs results compare to 2023 and pre-Covid?
  • Is there still any impact from Covid-19 pandemic and school closures?
  • What trends can we see from the 2024 SATs results?
  • What have we learnt from the results of the SATs Arithmetic Test
  • What have we learnt from the results of the SATs Reasoning Test
  • What the results mean and what to do next

SATs results and reviews from previous years

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