School Tutors Ensure Pupils Will Catch Up And Keep Up

Following the pandemic, more and more schools are recognising the transformative impact that school tutoring can have on their pupils.

With the National Tutoring Programme, school tutoring has become more affordable and accessible for both primary schools and secondary schools.

Schools receiving in school maths tutoring with Third Space Learning can provide their pupils with personalised one to one online tuition with quality tutors for a price designed for school budgets.

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“The personalised approach for children is fantastic, meeting individual needs and narrowing gaps. The children enjoy the lessons, make good progress and their skills are clearly transferred to class lessons.”

Highfield Primary School

Danielle Lewis

Highfield Primary School

Benefits of Third Space Learning school tutors

School Tutors

Personalised learning that addresses pupils’ gaps, misconceptions and learning style, including SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Lessons designed by qualified teachers and pedagogy experts

Individualised attention and feedback from a maths specialist with excellent subject knowledge

Preparation for SATs and GCSEs

Designed for school budgets to support all students, not only those whose families can afford private tutoring

Secure and safe learning environment with DBS-checked tutors with safeguarding training

School Tutors

KS2 programme

Plug gaps from Year 1-6, build arithmetic and reasoning skills and prepare pupils for KS2 Assessments with lessons designed by qualified primary school teachers.

School Tutors

Year 7 programme

Help ease the transition for Year 7 students with online lessons focusing on building a strong foundation for KS3.

School Tutors

GCSE revision

Prepare your KS4 students for maths GCSE with revision lessons designed by qualified teachers to build young people’s confidence and familiarity with exam-style questions.

How it works

Access maths specialist school tutors to provide personalised one to one online tutoring for your most in-need pupils

School Tutors

1 Get set up

With over 10 years’ experience working with UK schools, we know how busy school life can be. That’s why we’ve made the set up as quick and easy as possible. We’ll help you choose the best programme for your schools’ needs, show you how to make the most of the intervention and ensure your pupils are ready for their sessions.

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will be available to help whenever you need it.

School Tutors

2 Choose your pupils

Choose any pupils who you feel would benefit from extra support online. Most schools choose from the following pupils:

  • Eligible for Pupil Premium
  • At risk of not meeting expected standard
  • Most impacted by the pandemic
  • Lacking confidence or motivation to learn
School Tutors

3 Choose your timeslot

Choose a regular time slot for your pupils’ one to one tutoring sessions.

Sessions are available from 8am to 3:30pm and are flexible – if you can’t make a session, simply reschedule with your Account Manager.

School Tutors

4 Personalise learning

Before their first tutoring session, pupils complete a diagnostic assessment that identifies individual learning gaps and misconceptions.

You choose if you want lessons to be selected automatically each week to plug their gaps, or if you’d prefer the school teacher to select lessons from our curriculum each week.

School Tutors

5 Regular one to one tutoring

At your chosen day and time, your pupils will log in to our secure interactive online classroom for a personalised lesson with their tutor.

They’ll have the same tutor each week. Tutees will communicate with their tutor via a free headset provided by us and a shared screen.

School Tutors

6 Monitor progress

After each session, you’ll receive a detailed report for each pupil showing which topics were covered, the skills practised and the progress made.

Reports are available on-demand and can be easily printed to help inform your own class instruction or keep parents up-to-date.

Double progress

In an independent trial, pupils made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.

Double progress

90% of pupils

Show a solid understanding of the concept they’ve been learning.

90% of pupils

10 years’

experience working with primary and secondary schools across England

10 years’

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

You can learn more about how we keep your data safe and secure in our privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions

What are school tutors?

School tutors are staff that support pupils and their whole class learning. Unlike home-school tutoring, school tutors don’t aim to replace whole-class teaching, but instead enhance it. Unlike private tuition, school tutors should work closely with the pupil’s primary teacher or subject teacher at secondary to ensure tutoring sessions align with whole class teaching. School tutors can be internal staff or external staff provided by a tutoring agency. School tutors traditionally work face to face with pupils, however many school tutors now work online, using specially designed online learning environments to engage and motivate their pupils. Research by the EEF has shown that online tutoring is just as effective as in person tutoring, and may have additional benefits including costs and flexibility.

How do I find a good school tutor?

It can be difficult to hire good school tutors, especially for subjects such as maths and physics, where there are fewer qualified and experienced tutors who specialise in these subjects or have teaching experience. This is especially true for rural schools. Quality education shouldn’t be a postcode lottery and schools can look to external providers to help. There are many different tutoring services available for schools, so it’s important that SLT, headteachers and subject leads consider their own context and what they need from a tutoring service – and find a service with a track record in delivering this. For example, if they want online or in-person tutoring, one to one or small group tuition, etc. At Third Space Learning, we make it easy for schools from London to Liverpool to access our community of high-quality, maths specialist tutors. We interview, train and conduct background checks on our tutors so you can rest assured your pupils are left in safe hands.

What age is best to get a tutor?

School tutors work with pupils of any age, from KS1 up to A-level. Younger pupils may struggle to stay engaged and focused for a long period of time, so key stage 1 is the earliest age we’d recommend. Many schools wait until exam years, such as Years 6 & 11, to start tutoring however this can be too late! Starting tutoring earlier will help to close gaps as they occur and allow pupils to keep up with their classmates. This is especially true for subjects like maths which is cumulative in nature (as opposed to humanities and English), meaning concepts build upon one another. We provide tutoring for primary schools (Year 3-5 catch up, Year 6 catch up & SATs revision) and secondary schools (Year 7 catch up & GCSE revision).

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