Maths Tutoring for Schools

Multi-Academy Trusts

Personalised one to one maths support at scale

The needs of each Trust, school, and pupil are different.

That’s why it’s important to find an inclusive, high-quality maths intervention strategy that’s personalised to each child – but easy to implement across multiple schools.

Since 2013, hundreds of Multi-Academy Trusts have chosen one to one tutoring from Third Space Learning to raise maths attainment without adding to staff workload.

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“We analysed the data for our GCSE pupils and found that students who had attended Third Space Learning sessions improved 1.19 of a grade on average – 0.45 more than those who didn’t have Third Space Learning sessions.”

Maths Director, Chorus Education Trust

Andy Appleford

Maths Director, Chorus Education Trust

Multi-Academy Trusts

Trusted by academies

MATs need to ensure their schools are choosing tried and tested providers who can reliably deliver results across the board. That’s why SLT from 1,300+ academies have trusted Third Space Learning for their maths intervention over the past decade.

Multi-Academy Trusts

Maximise school funding

Third Space Learning is proud to be the UK’s most affordable DfE-approved one to one tutoring partner – 56% more affordable than the average cost of one to one tutoring. Personalised one to one tutoring is available for the price other providers charge for group sessions — and there are discounts available for MATs.

Multi-Academy Trusts

Free up staff time

Teachers can’t be everywhere at once in a class of thirty or more. Third Space Learning plugs individual gaps for multiple pupils at once without taking teachers away from high quality whole class teaching or increasing their workload.

Multi-Academy Trusts

Monitor progress over time

It can be time consuming for academies to monitor the impact of their maths interventions. Third Space Learning gives instant access to shareable pupil progress reports, helping to see individual impact over time.

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

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