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After the first of our academies used Third Space Learning, word got out that it was having a positive impact and we then obviously wanted a piece of the action as well! The personalisation is second to none. Each school has done the data analysis and made the decision that this is something they want to continue with. If it didn’t have an impact then they wouldn’t go ahead and do it again.

Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Kate Davies, Maths Director

Outwood Grange Academies Trust


Identify and address gaps

Pupils work through a personalised learning journey, focusing specifically on the concepts in which they need most help.

90% of pupils show a solid understanding of each concept at the end of each session.


Build confidence

For many pupils, the key to maths success is helping them believe that they can succeed.

70% of pupils who report low confidence at the start say it has improved after their sessions.


Accelerate progress

Pupils learn in a one to one environment with their own dedicated tutor who can address gaps in real-time leading to faster progress.

In an independent trial, pupils receiving weekly one to one tutoring from Third Space Learning made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.


Improve exam results

Exams aren’t the be-all and end-all, but pupils do need to be prepared for the types of questions they’ll be asked and the strategies they’ll need to answer them.

100% of teachers surveyed felt the sessions helped pupils achieve higher scores in 2023.

160,000+ pupils across 4,000+ schools since 2013


It has been really beneficial, and my tutor has helped me to work out problems for myself.

Year 11 student


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