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Since 2013, Third Space Learning’s primary school maths tutors have taught over 160,000 primary school pupils between the ages of 5 and 12.

Schools like yours join us because we understand the struggles primary schools face when it comes to confidence, fluency and reasoning.

You too can use our primary maths expertise as an additional support for those pupils for whom classroom time is not enough. We’re proud to be the UK’s largest and most cost-effective primary school one to one tutoring provider. Find out how we can help your school.

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“The children love Third Space, it really supports what they do in class. The fact they have to speak with their own primary school maths tutor and explain their reasoning helps to develop confidence and their use of mathematical vocabulary.”

Buckingham Park Primary School

Karyn Astle, Deputy Headteacher,

Buckingham Park Primary School

How is a Third Space Learning primary school maths tutor different?

Primary Maths Tutor

1 Subject specialists

Unlike most tutoring providers, we don’t try to teach all subjects at all levels. We wouldn’t be your go-to for a science tutor or an English tutor.

Instead, Third Space Learning tutors specialise purely in primary school maths. Tutors are uniquely positioned to teach maths based on their deep subject knowledge, experience teaching, and academic backgrounds in STEM subjects.

Primary Maths Tutor

2 Experts in the National Curriculum

The maths lessons they teach are closely matched to the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 English National Curriculum.

The one to one teaching approach and diagnostic assessment means that the lesson content can be targeted directly to the students’ needs.

Primary Maths Tutor

3 Personalised approach

Tutors also work hard to build a rapport with their pupils, personalising the lesson to their interests as well as their ability.

And it works — in an independent trial, pupils receiving weekly personalised one to one maths tutoring from Third Space Learning made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.

The results you can expect from our primary school maths tutors…

Primary Maths Tutor

A lesson matched to the child’s ability

For a pupil with less confidence, raising a hand in class can be daunting. Third Space Learning’s online maths lessons offer them the opportunity to talk through questions and build key numeracy skills with their own private tutor.

Tutors work closely with each pupil during tutoring sessions, asking questions like ‘how did you work that out?’ and ‘could you use any other methods?’ to ensure pupils develop deep conceptual understanding rather than relying on quick fixes.

Primary Maths Tutor

Increased confidence in maths

Whatever level pupils are working at, they will progress faster if they have the confidence to keep trying. Third Space Learning’s primary maths tutors offer pupils a safe place to challenge themselves — making a mistake is part of the process and leads to greater understanding.

A child with the confidence to ‘have a go’ in primary school will be much better prepared for the challenges of further maths GCSEs and A-level maths assessments as they move into secondary school and beyond.

Primary Maths Tutor

Exam ready

Third Space Learning’s online maths lessons are designed to make sure pupils get plenty of exam preparation and have the chance to try a range of more challenging applied reasoning and practice questions.

Though maths success extends beyond exam results, the time spent on practice questions and developing exam techniques helps pupils feel confident for any upcoming tests and entrance exams whether it’s SATs, the 7+, 10+, 11+ or even Common Entrance.

Primary Maths Tutor

Total focus from tutor and child

Children have a tendency to switch off and lose concentration if they don’t feel engaged in maths lessons. And in a class of 30, it’s not easy for a primary school teacher to give each pupil the individual attention they might need to succeed.

Third Space Learning offers pupils the full attention of their own private maths tutor, who works at just the right pace for them. ​​​​​​The one to one lessons follow an ‘I do, you do, we do’ approach to help students move from guided to independent practice, building their confidence and accelerating progress.

Primary school maths tuition with Third Space Learning

Schools want to be sure their pupils are receiving the best tutoring possible. Many of Third Space Learning’s primary maths tutors have several years of experience in the primary education sector.

Since 2013, our primary tutors have taught over 160,000 pupils across the UK. Headteachers, school leaders and class teachers consistently choose us for our years of tutoring experience as we are the most affordable and effective option to raise standards in maths.

By taking maths tuition online and creating a global community of primary tutors, we’ve been able to help schools implement one to one primary education at a fraction of the cost of traditional face to face maths tuition.

Here’s how our in schools maths tutoring works

Online maths interventions in primary schools

Schools select their target pupils for one to one teaching. The majority of primary schools use Third Space Learning private tuition to support their Pupil Premium-eligible pupils.

Pupils start with an online diagnostic assessment to identify learning gaps and are recommended the most appropriate sequence of lessons for them (which teachers can agree to, or override). All assessments and lessons are in line with the English National Curriculum.

Each pupil receives their own personal Third Space Learning tutor for weekly lessons in our online classroom. All tutors are DBS-checked and go through an intensive period of training.

The pupil’s primary teacher in the classroom receives regular progress reports for each pupil to ensure that the content covered in the online maths tuition aligns with what’s happening at school. The reports also identify personal learning needs for each child in maths and how Third Space Learning is addressing them.

Schools who sign up for the primary school tuition programme also receive full access for all staff to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub. This library of maths mastery resources includes the ever-popular Fluent in Five and White Rose Maths lesson slides.

“Builds confidence, develops reasoning skills through talk, is a safe environment for children to become confident in making mistakes – leading to increased resilience. The children enjoy working with their tutors focusing on specific skills in a fun and different way.”

Mount Nod Primary School, Coventry

Helen Soderstrom, Deputy Head

Mount Nod Primary School, Coventry

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

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Frequently asked questions

Are your primary school maths tutors qualified teachers?

All of Third Space Learning’s primary school maths tutors complete our Global Tutor Training Programme. This provides specific training to teach one-to-one online lessons in maths following the English National Curriculum. Most of our primary maths tuition is delivered by full time one to one tutors with several years of experience.

What age is recommended for primary school maths tuition?

Third Space Learning’s specialist primary maths tutors only teach online maths lessons to pupils in Years 2 to 6 or to pupils in Year 7 who have outstanding gaps from Key Stage 2. We have separate tutors who focus on teaching our GCSE maths programme and we hope to offer support for A-level maths in the near future.

Do you offer exam revision programmes?

Third Space Learning’s specific Key Stage 2 SATs revision programme exists to help pupils master key exam skills in a nurturing, low-stakes environment. Lessons are prioritised based on their likely impact on pupils’ SATs scores and are broken down into 4 stages to help pupils develop the confidence and tools they need to tackle SATs-style questions.For GCSE-level students at secondary school, Third Space Learning’s GCSE Revision Programme offers private tutors teaching online maths lessons suitable for all exam boards; AQA, Edexcel and OCR. We do not offer university-level maths tuition.

Which curriculum do your maths tutors follow?

All online maths lessons follow the English National Curriculum. Primary lessons are designed to plug gaps across KS1 and KS2, and specific SATs revision lessons are available for Year 6.

Does your tutoring take place in-person?

No, each Third Space learner receives online lessons from experienced tutors through our online tutoring platform, tailored to their individual learning style. By taking maths tuition online, we’ve been able to help schools implement one to one primary education at a fraction of the cost of traditional private maths tutors.

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