Primary School Tuition That Gets Results

Every child is unique and has their individual learning gaps and needs. This means, even for the most experienced class teachers, it can be challenging to meet every child’s needs in a class of 30.

Some pupils may require extra tuition to meet age-related expectations and close the attainment gap.

One to one tuition can be more effective in raising maths attainment than small group interventions where it may be difficult to target learning to the pupil’s individual needs.

Give your target pupils the personalised support they need with Third Space Learning’s high-quality one to one online tuition.

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“Third Space Learning’s primary tuition is tailored to individuals which is so valuable and addresses their gaps. Something that is hard to do 100% successfully in a whole class environment.”

Wembdon St George's Church School

Kate Kennedy

Wembdon St George’s Church School

Why is primary school tuition so effective?

Primary School Tuition

It’s focused, targeted and immediate

Tutoring at primary school is best used as the gaps occur on a regular basis

  • To consolidate primary curriculum knowledge, secure understanding and build confidence in numeracy or English.
  • To accelerate a child’s learning with a personalised maths or English programme.

Primary School Tuition

Earlier intervention addresses gaps fast

Supporting children through tutoring in their early years — Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 — results in a greater impact than leaving tutoring until secondary school.

The longer you leave it, the wider the gaps will become and the further behind a child is.

Primary School Tuition

Join more than 3,900 schools across the UK using Third Space Learning’s personalised tutoring sessions.

One to one sessions are tailored to the needs of individual learners to help raise their maths attainment and boost confidence.

That’s why most schools who use Third Space Learning’s tutoring programmes begin at primary school age rather than waiting until GCSE or A level.

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“It’s really helpful heading into Year 6 because now it means they have the confidence to go and try it, put their hands up and talk about maths which is very valuable. We’ve agreed interventions in Year 5 are a good thing as by Year 6 it’s almost too late.”

Pangbourne Primary School

Tim Jackson

Pangbourne Primary School

What can you expect from Third Space Learning’s primary school tuition?

Primary School Tuition

Personalised attention

After sitting a diagnostic assessment, every pupil receives a personalised sequence of lessons in line with the National Curriculum.

Their personal tutor targets misconceptions and numeracy knowledge gaps each week through online maths lessons.

Primary School Tuition

Expert maths lessons

All lessons in the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 primary curriculum are written by qualified primary school teachers and maths experts.

Leaving you assured that your pupils are receiving high-quality tuition to supplement and support in-class learning.

Primary School Tuition

Qualified maths tutors

Every tutor at Third Space Learning is a handpicked maths specialist. They undergo a DBS check and rigorous training designed and delivered by teachers.

A one to one setting with tutors means a low-stakes environment for pupils to move from guided to independent practice.

Primary School Tuition

Convenient and accessible tutoring

Wherever your school is located in England, your pupils can access high-quality tutoring through our online classroom.

Sessions take place at a time suitable to you with multiple primary tuition sessions taking place at the same time.

Primary School Tuition

A proven track record

Since 2013, Third Space Learning has helped over 160,000 pupils accelerate their maths progress.

In their 2023 SATs results, Third Space Learners were more likely to achieve higher scores in their maths SATs than the rest of their cohort and than the national average.

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Primary School Tuition

Regular reporting

Stay connected with your child’s progress through our online reporting system. Schools can view their pupils’ areas of improvement and overall growth in mathematical skills.

What’s included?

Diagnostic assessment to identify gaps

An experienced maths tutor for each pupil

High-quality headsets for pupils to connect with their tutors

Access to three tutoring programmes: Year 3-5 Catch Up, Year 6 Catch Up and SATs Revision (from the spring term)

A scaffolded I do, we do, you do approach for concepts pupils need to practise

Regular reports to track pupil progress

A dedicated Account Manager who only works with schools and MATs

Online lessons backed up by resources for your whole school

Access to the Maths Hub, including ready-to-go lesson slides and activities aligned with White Rose, Fluent in Five, Rapid Reasoning, Ofsted preparation tips, CPD videos and more.

“Third Space Learning provides focused one to one tuition that is specific to each child’s individual needs.”

St Johns Church of England, Clifton

Tony Weir, Deputy Headteacher

St Johns Church of England, Clifton

Why thousands of primary education specialists choose Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning’s model of primary school tuition has been carefully developed by a team of qualified primary school teachers and maths specialists over the past 10 years.

Each pupil has the opportunity to access online maths lessons in a safe space with their own personal qualified tutor. Learning in a one to one environment encourages mathematical conversations, participation and increases confidence.

Following a diagnostic assessment, pupils follow a bespoke sequence of lessons for their year group in line with the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 National Curriculum.

Online tuition aligns with pupils’ schoolwork. This helps to support teachers by reducing the extra workload one to one tutoring would create if they had to deliver sessions themselves.

Schools have the autonomy to choose which pupils they’d like to support. With most selecting pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, private tuition is no longer only an option for those that can afford a private tutor or home tutoring.

By working closely with their personal tutor to plug gaps, secure core concepts and build confidence, pupils progress faster and, in turn, are better equipped for the challenges ahead, whether that’s entrance exams, secondary schools, grammar schools, GCSEs or A-levels.

“After two terms of one to one tuition from Third Space Learning, not only did our pupils reach expected standard, but they doubled their scores in KS2 SATs.”

Hyrstmount Junior School, West Yorkshire

Elysha Wallis, Assistant Headteacher

Hyrstmount Junior School, West Yorkshire

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

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Frequently asked questions

What age groups is your primary maths tuition suitable for?

Primary maths tuition is designed for students in Key Stage 2 with the lesson curriculum covering both Key Stage 1 and 2. Primary school tuition helps to boost maths confidence and secure concepts ahead of secondary school and GCSEs.

How does the primary tuition fit with a school’s timetable?

We understand the busy timetables schools have. Our primary maths tuition program offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to choose lesson times that best suit your school routine. If you let us know that pupils are absent or can’t make a session, we try our best to reschedule so they don’t miss out.

Why choose online over in-person primary school tutoring

Online tuition offers flexibility, convenience, and access to expert maths tutors regardless of location. Whether you are located in London or any other region of England, you can access one to one online tuition with Third Space Learning’s maths experts.

Is there any support to fund this primary school tuition

Most schools use Pupil Premium to cover the cost. Discounts are available for multi-school sign ups and MATs, as well as longer-term bookings.

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