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National Tutoring Programme 2021/22

Subsidised online maths tuition for £5.50 per pupil per session

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The National Tutoring Programme is a government initiative to help to mitigate the impact of school closures by providing schools with access to heavily subsidised high-quality tutoring from a selection of approved Tuition Partners. The NTP is currently subsidising 70% of the cost of tuition from Tuition Partners.

Third Space Learning have been selected to continue as an approved Tuition Partner for the 2021/22 year and thousands of pupils across the country are currently receiving subsidised tuition from Third Space Learning tutors.

From September 2022, all funding for tuition via the NTP will go directly to schools via the School-Led Tutoring Grant. Third Space Learning will remain a DfE-accredited Tuition Partner and schools are free to use their tuition funding to provide support from our tutors.

Third Space Learning Testimonials

We needed a way to help mitigate the impact lockdown had on attainment. Partially funded through the National Tutoring Programme, we are very impressed with how well our pupils have responded to Third Space Learning. Feedback from pupils, teachers and parents clearly shows that it is having a measurable academic impact, and the change in pupils' confidence is clear too.
Tim White, Assistant Headteacher, Morland Primary School, Ipswich

Third Space Learning Testimonials

Reliable and engaging tutors

Building a global community of passionate, well-educated maths specialists to close the maths attainment gap in the UK

Our community of tutors is made up of English-speaking graduates and undergraduates from across India and Sri Lanka. By focusing only on maths, we attract highly skilled tutors with genuine passion.

Candidates must complete and pass an initial online application and maths and English assessments.

Tutors are then assessed on their teaching ability, how well they can engage pupils, linguistic ability, communication skills, character, and enthusiasm.

All tutors must complete Police Clearance Checks (equivalent to UK DBS checks).

Learn more about our tutors.

Reliable and engaging tutors

The Global Tutor Training Programme

Third Space Learning Free Maths Resources

What’s included?

Weekly online one-to-one maths lessons for your target pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Full access to all the resources and video CPD in the Third Space Maths Hub

Speak to the team today

Let us know how many pupils you’re looking to support and we’ll be in touch with more information about how we can help and a personalised quote for your school.

We'll also be able to discuss exactly how much funding your school will receive.

Target your spending where it's needed
Target your spending where it's needed

Pricing is calculated according to the number of pupils you’d like to receive the 1-to-1 lessons.

Save on recruitment and training
Save on recruitment and training

All our maths specialist tutors receive over 130 hours of initial training and high-quality ongoing CPD.

Free up staff time
Free up staff time

Up to 15 pupils can receive personalised 1-to-1 support at once and getting set up is quick and easy.

Enhance teaching across your school
Enhance teaching across your school

Full access to our library of whole-school maths resources and video CPD is included at no additional cost.

Link spending clearly to impact
Link spending clearly to impact

Regular reports track learning objectives, show progress made and help inform class planning and teaching.

You can learn more about how we keep your data safe and secure in our privacy policy.


How does the National Tutoring Programme work?

Through the National Tutoring Programme, schools can access heavily subsidised tuition from an approved list of Tuition Partners, with 70% of the cost paid for by the NTP. Schools will need to cover the remaining 30%, but can use Catch Up funding, their Recovery Premium or their Pupil Premium to do so. Schools book subsidised support directly through their Tuition Partner of choice and the subsidy will go directly from the NTP to the Provider, with schools only charged for 30% of the cost. Schools can choose how many pupils they’d like to sign up for subsidised tuition, and subsidised sessions must be booked in blocks of 15 sessions per pupil.

Who is the National Tutoring Programme for?

The National Tutoring Programme is available to all state owned primary and secondary schools in England. The programme is targeted to reach pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds whose education has been most affected as a result of the pandemic and school closures. The NTP have removed the requirement that 65% of subsidised tuition is provided to pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, and all pupils are now eligible for subsidised tuition.

How have the tuition organisations been selected?

All approved Tuition Partners have passed a strict set of eligibility and quality criteria, including tutor training, safeguarding ensuring DBS or equivalent, quality assurance, history working with schools, experience working with disadvantaged pupils, secure evaluation standards, and evidence of impact.

How much will tuition cost?

The cost will depend on which Tuition Partner your school chooses. Because Third Space Learning is delivered online, it’s often a more cost-effective solution for schools. The total cost for a 15-session block of Third Space Learning maths tuition is just £275 per pupil; with the National Tutoring Programme subsidy this now comes to £82.50, or £5.50 per session. This price would include initial and ongoing assessments, regular reporting, headsets for each pupil and full access to our online resource library, The Third Space Maths Hub.

What age groups does Third Space Learning support?

We have high quality tutoring programmes available for KS2, KS3 (for Year 7 pupils working below Age Related Expectations who need support to secure outstanding gaps from KS2) and for KS4 with our GCSE maths revision programme.

How does Third Space Learning compare with the other Tuition Partners?

The tutoring organisations selected to be part of the National Tutoring Programme have all been through a rigorous application process and are all providers of high quality tuition. It is an explicit National Tutoring Programme aim to offer as wide a variety of tuition as possible; some partners are providing small group tuition, some face to face, some online. At Third Space Learning we are specialists in online maths tuition. All lessons are delivered one to one as this is the teaching method with the most extensive evidence for accelerating progress and plugging gaps among disadvantaged children. We’ve long been committed to closing the maths attainment gap and our online maths intervention programmes have been running since 2013. Working directly with tens of thousands of pupils in thousands of schools over the last 8 years has helped us refine and improve our intervention programmes to ensure the best possible maths support for the pupils who need it most.

Can the tuition continue during school closures?

Following the return to remote learning in January 2021, Tuition Partners have undergone a rigorous process to ensure they are able to deliver tuition online to pupils in their homes safely. Third Space Learning has been approved by the National Tutoring Programme to deliver sessions at home throughout school closures. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the initial period of school closures, we've been able to continue supporting the schools signed up to our online intervention programmes. This is because our maths tuition is delivered online so pupils can continue their sessions from home. Where this is not possible, schools can switch pupils and/or continue the sessions from school for those pupils still attending.

What do I need to do next?

A full list of approved NTP Tuition Partners is available from The National Tutoring Programme website. School leaders are able to choose which organisation they would like to use and get in contact with them directly. If you’d like to book subsidised spaces with Third Space Learning, get in touch with us today.

Further information about the National Tutoring Programme is available from the NTP website.

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