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Developing arithmetic and reasoning skills

Spring term KS2 maths SATs revision lessons for your Year 6 pupils

Third Space Learning Testimonials

We have had 100% success in KS2 SATs with the pupils we have had taken part in Third Space Learning.
Jane Winterbottom, Deputy Headteacher
St Mary's C of E Primary School, Moston

Third Space Learning Testimonials
Third Space Learning Free Maths Resources

What’s included?

Weekly online one to one SATs revision lessons for your target Year 6 pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Full access to all resources and video CPD in the Third Space Maths Hub

Tailored for target pupils

You choose which pupils need additional support to reach Age Related Expectations in the SATs tests in May.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

For the pupils we chose to take part, the impact was noticeable. Engagement with maths and self-confidence was improved.

Jennifer Chaudhuri
Maths Maths Leader, Westfield Primary School, Bath

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Built for online SATs revision

Lessons focus on reviewing content before applying knowledge to SATs-style questions.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Our results in KS2 are up by 30% this year and teachers have identified Third Space Learning as one of the things that has made a real difference.

Jasbir Johl
Headteacher, Barcroft Primary School, Walsall

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Personalised for each pupil

Lessons are chosen to provide support where each pupils needs it most to succeed in maths SATs.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning’s personalised interventions supported children in developing their skills and confidence in maths, particularly in the build up to SATs.

James Norman
Headteacher, Whipton Barton Junior School, Exeter

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Backed by evidence

Lessons are prioritised on likely impact on SATs based on past paper and pupil data.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The SATs Revision programme has been fantastic for our Year 6 pupils. The fact that the questions that come up are really similar to the ones that crop up in SATs papers has worked well for us.

Nicola Glover
Headteacher, Castlechurch Primary School, West Midlands

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

A revision programme years in the making

Diagnostic Assesment

Past papers

We've analysed the last 4 years of arithmetic and reasoning papers and mark schemes to identify which topics feature most and are worth the most marks.

Diagnostic Assesment

QLA data

We’ve taken into account Question Level Analysis data on on all the new curriculum national tests so far to identify which questions pupils find most difficult.

Diagnostic Assesment

Programme data

Data from the 60,000+ pupils we’ve taught has helped us identify the most effective teaching strategies for SATs preparation.

This data has enabled us to order each of the 28 lessons in our SATs Revision curriculum by its likely impact in Key Stage 2 SATs, helping you prioritise your pupils’ learning as they progress through the programme.

A long-term approach to SATs success

SATs support shouldn't just be limited to the spring term

Autumn Term

Year 6: Foundation

Strengthening KS2 foundations

Addressing misconceptions

Securing key concepts

Spring Term

Year 6: Consolidation

Reviewing and revising core concepts

Applying methods in context

Building familiarity with SATs questions

Summer Term

Year 5: Transition

Plugging gaps for next year's cohort

Building confidence & engagement

Preparing for the Year 6 transition

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