How our 1-to-1 KS2 maths interventions deliver results

Why 1-to-1?

Research has shown that 1-to-1 is one of the most effective ways of improving pupils’ attainment and confidence in maths. But it can be both difficult and expensive to organise in primary schools. So we’ve taken it online.

Why online?

Our technology makes it possible for you to offer 1-to-1 maths and SATs interventions to a large number of pupils at the same time. Our online assessment and reporting means it’s easier for you to keep track of learning happening outside of the classroom.

How our KS2 interventions work with the primary maths curriculum

Identify your target pupils

You can select pupils of any ability from any year group who you feel would benefit from extra 1-to-1 teaching.

Choose a tailored programme

Choose freely from our 270+ lessons or use adaptive assessment which automatically identifies the best lesson.


Pupils have individual 1-to-1 sessions

Every week pupils and their tutors have a 45-minute lesson online. They share an on-screen whiteboard and speak via a headset. Up to 15 pupils can have a lesson with their own tutor at the same time!

Teaching is personalised to the learner

Tutors personalise the lesson to the pupil’s level, using assessment for learning, guided practice and questioning for greater depth.

Stay updated with progress

Teachers receive weekly session reports summarising pupil progress and termly intervention impact reports are available to show to Ofsted or Governors.

Flexible range of school programmes

Teacher Selection


270+ primary maths curriculum lessons


Pupils assessed on all KS2 maths topics

Lesson selection

Teachers choose any lesson

Best for




270+ primary maths curriculum lessons


Pupils assessed in specific strands that you pick

Lesson selection

Lessons are automatically selected

Best for

Plugging gaps

SATs (spring term only)


30+ SATs revision lessons


Pupils assessed against Year 6 expectations

Lesson selection

Teachers choose from lessons, based on assessment results

Best for


This term we’re working with over 700 primary schools and 7,300 KS2 pupils each week!

Our tutors are specialists in teaching KS2 maths

Third Space Learning tutors are maths specialists by degree or training and receive ongoing CPD and primary maths curriculum support from our team of former UK teachers

All sessions are recorded and every tutor has 1 session assessed weekly against our framework for effective 1-to-1 teaching.

Tutors complete an assessment each month covering subject knowledge, language and teaching, which we use to provide targeted CPD.

Pupils give feedback on their tutors after every session which is used to improve teaching and personalise learning.

All packages include a toolkit of maths lessons, worksheets and CPD videos. Which one is is right for your school?

Year 5 SATs Foundation

Weekly maths and SATs lessons to secure key concepts.

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KS2 Success in Maths Plan

Year-round personalised teaching maths and SATs across KS2.

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Year 3-4 Keep-Up Maths

Weekly sessions boost pupil confidence and attainment in maths.

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