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One to One Tuition

Boosting Progress in Maths with One-to-One Tuition

Since 2013, thousands of primary and secondary schools across the UK have chosen Third Space Learning’s high quality DfE-approved online one to one maths tuition.

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“It enables pupils to have a concentrated time with an individual tutor. I notice how focused these children are within their sessions when in class they are so easily distracted.”

Weston Hills CofE Primary School

Jean James

Weston Hills CofE Primary School

One To One Tuition

Individual attention

In a class of 30, it can be difficult for teachers to provide individual support to the pupils who need it most. One to one tuition allows for focused, individual attention and feedback.

Third Space Learning tutors are trained to identify and address misconceptions as they occur, giving real time feedback to close learning gaps and boost pupil progress quickly.

One To One Tuition

Supportive learning environment

Children can lack confidence to speak up in whole class teaching and small group tuition. With Third Space Learning, pupils learn one to one with the same tutor every week.

This allows tutors to establish and nurture a positive learning environment where pupils can work at their own pace and are empowered to give it a go, even if they make mistakes.

One To One Tuition

Personalised lessons

Our initial diagnostic assessment informs the personalised programme of objectives each pupil will cover in their tuition sessions.

Our multiple choice format diagnoses not only where pupils are lacking knowledge, but also what common misconceptions are holding them back.

After each session, pupils answer post-session questions to assess their learning and where they need to go next.

One To One Tuition

Increased understanding

The one to one environment allows pupils to verbalise their maths to understand underlying concepts and strategies.

Our lessons have been designed by pedagogy experts to reflect the most up-to-date research in teaching and learning, so you can be sure that the content covered in tutoring sessions will directly impact learning in the classroom.

One To One Tuition

Value for money

Traditionally, one to one tutoring sessions have been unaffordable for most school budgets and most families cannot afford private tutors. However, it can be the most cost-effective intervention, as pupils can make more progress in a shorter amount of time when compared with group tuition.

By going online, Third Space Learning is able to further reduce costs for schools, making us the most affordable DfE-approved tuition partners providing one to one tuition.

Why thousands of schools choose one to one tuition with Third Space Learning

One To One Tuition

1 Delivered by maths specialist

Recruitment is a huge challenge for schools, especially for maths. This means interventions are often run by non-subject specialist teaching assistants which the EEF has found can have very little, or even negative impact on student learning. Third Space Learning tutors are DBS-checked maths specialists and must successfully complete our intensive initial training programme.

One To One Tuition

2 Easier to fit into the school day

One to one learning is extremely effective but it’s often difficult to fit into already busy school timetables, especially at secondary school. You’d need to group pupils carefully, navigate multiple pupils’ timetables and ensure you are not removing pupils from core lessons. With Third Space Learning, multiple tutors can benefit from one to one tutoring at once.

One To One Tuition

3 Personalised lessons

One to one tuition can be personalised to the learning needs of each individual pupils, with individualised lesson objectives and focussed feedback, allowing for excelled progress.

One To One Tuition

4 Designed for schools

With over a decade of experience working with UK schools and teachers, we’ve designed a programme with schools in mind. Schools can choose the best time slot that works for their school’s needs, with the flexibility to reschedule and swap in and out pupils at any time. We also provide on-demand reports for teachers that can be shared with parents to communicate pupil progress.

One To One Tuition

5 Suitable for school budgets

All pupils deserve individualised support to help them catch up and keep up with their classmates. However, private tuition is not realistic for many families. Online tuition is significantly more affordable than face to face tutoring and is suitable for schools’ budgets. As a DfE-approved tutoring partner, schools using Third Space Learning can use NTP funding to help cover the costs. Support can also be targeted to those pupils who need it most and pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, rather than simply the families that can afford it.

Proven to boost pupil progress

Plug gaps

90% of pupils show a solid understanding of the concept they’ve been learning.

Plug gaps

Boost confidence

70% of pupils who report low confidence at the start say it has improved at the end.

Boost confidence

Double progress

In an independent trial, pupils made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.

Double progress

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

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Frequently asked questions

What does one to one tuition mean?

One to one tuition means one tutor teaching one student. It can be done face to face or via online lessons, in any subject, but it must involve a real tutor teaching an individual lesson, ideally, a personalised one, to one student. One to one tuition has typically taken the form of home tutoring, however schools are increasingly recognising the value of one to one tuition and new funding streams have made it more affordable and accessible for schools. The most popular subject for one to one tuition is maths. This is why at Third Space Learning, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering one to one tuition in maths for children of all ages, including GCSE and SATs preparation with a focus on exam technique.

Does extra tutoring help students?

Extra tutoring has been proven to help students in numerous trials. However, the impact of any extra tutoring of course depends on the quality of the tuition. One to one tuition is acknowledged to be the most effective form of tutoring. In an independent trial, pupils receiving Third Space Learning one to one tuition made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks. We find our pupils progress well and maintain motivation and interest with an hour session, which includes 45 minutes of tutoring and 15 minutes to complete post-session questions to assess their understanding.

How much does one to one tuition cost?

The average cost for one to one tuition varies greatly depending on the location and type of tutoring provided. It can range from £15 to £45 per hour, with the higher end representing bigger cities and GCSE and A-level tutors. Online one to one tuition is more affordable as tutors save time and costs on overheads, such as travel. This is how Third Space Learning is able to offer high quality one to one tuition for the price many providers charge for group tuition – in fact, we are the most affordable DfE-approved NTP tutoring provider. Get in touch using the form below for a personalised quote for your school.

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