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Plugging gaps and boosting progress

One to one support to help your Year 6 pupils catch up in maths and prepare for the challenges ahead

Third Space Learning Testimonials

The best thing has been the increase in confidence, their ability to explain their answers and the fact that their tutors are always there to deal with misunderstandings straight away!
Elysha Wallis, Assistant Head
Hyrstmount Junior School, West Yorkshire

Third Space Learning Testimonials
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What’s included?

Weekly online one to one maths lessons for your target Year 6 pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Full access to all resources and video CPD in the Third Space Maths Hub

Tailored for target pupils

You choose which Year 6 pupils you’d like to support with additional one to one catch up maths teaching.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

We use Third Space Learning for pupils on Pupil Premium and for others who lacked the confidence to be able to meet Year 6 expectations. The lessons have helped these pupils develop their skills not just in the week-to-week topics they covered, but across maths as a whole.

Lauren Hearn
Maths Coordinator, Brooklands Farm Primary School, Milton Keynes

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Built for KS2 success

Lessons plug gaps and help pupils secure core KS2 content before moving onto consolidation.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

After two terms of one to one support, not only did they reach the expected standard but they doubled their scores in SATs!

Elysha Wallis
Assistant Head, Hyrstmount Junior School, West Yorkshire

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Personalised for each pupil

Lessons are chosen to plug individual knowledge gaps across the KS2 curriculum.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The children really valued the opportunity to work at their own pace and all 8 children who had the personalised sessions achieved age related expectations in SATs.

Rebecca Jakes
Maths Leader, Woodcot Primary School, Gosport

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Designed to build key skills

Tutors encourage pupils to justify their answers and verbalise their reasoning.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The fact that children have to speak with their tutor and explain their reasoning helps to develop confidence and their use of mathematical vocabulary.

Karyn Astle
Deputy Headteacher, Buckingham Park Primary School, West Sussex

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Building the foundations for SATs success

Year 6: Autumn Term


Strengthening KS2 foundations

Addressing misconceptions

Securing key concepts

Year 6: Spring Term


Reviewing and revising core concepts

Applying methods in context

Practising word problems and SATs questions

Year 5: Summer Term


Plugging gaps for next year's cohort

Building confidence & engagement

Preparing for the Year 6 transition

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