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KS2 maths intervention programmes

Personalised one to one maths tuition for your target Year 3-6 pupils

Third Space Learning Testimonials

An excellent KS2 maths intervention based on assessment for learning. Pupils have personalised support with minimal impact on staff workload.
Jon Hadley, Deputy Headteacher
Rood End Primary School, Sandwell

Third Space Learning Testimonials

An easier way to support your target KS2 pupils

Year 3-5 Catch Up

Third Space Learning Free Resources

Address misconceptions and build solid foundations early on to help pupils catch up in Key Stage 2 and ensure a smoother transition to Year 6.

Year 6 Catch Up

Third Space Learning Free Resources

Recover lost learning, bring pupils up to speed with KS2 national curriculum content and help prepare pupils for the challenges ahead.

Year 6 SATs Revision

Third Space Learning Free Resources

Build confidence and familiarity with SATs-style questions with a personalised programme designed to have maximum impact on exam success.

Improve outcomes for pupils, teachers and senior leaders

Creating more able, confident and resilient mathematicians


Solid understanding

By the end of the lesson, 90% of pupils show a solid understanding of the concept they’ve been learning.


Move to Greater Depth

35% of pupils successfully move on to complete Greater Depth tasks at the end of their lessons.


Rate 5 star enjoyment

88% of pupils rate their lessons 4+ out of 5 for how useful and how much they enjoy their lessons.


Increased confidence

Of pupils who report low confidence at the start, 70% say their confidence has improved by the end of the programme.

Changing attitudes to maths

Before we begin, pupils are asked questions to understand their confidence, effort levels and enjoyment of maths.

Changing attitudes to maths

Average impact on pupils who started with low confidence

Changing attitudes to maths

Average impact on pupils who started with low effort

Changing attitudes to maths

Average impact on pupils who started with low enjoyment

One to one learning at a fraction of the cost

Third Space Learning
Target your spending where it's needed

Pricing is calculated according to the number of pupils you’d like to receive the one to one lessons.

Third Space Learning
Enhance teaching across your school

Full access to our library of whole school maths resources and video CPD is included at no additional cost.

Third Space Learning
Free up staff time

Up to 15 pupils can receive personalised one to one support at once and getting set up is quick and easy.

Third Space Learning
Link spending clearly to impact

Regular reports track learning objectives, show progress made and help inform class planning and teaching.

Third Space Learning
Save on recruitment and training

All our specialist KS2 maths tutors receive over 130 hours of initial training and high-quality ongoing CPD.