Tutoring for schools - your questions answered

Tutoring is one of the most effective ways to raise maths attainment, but we appreciate you might have a few questions about:

How we make sure our one to one tutoring is personalised for individual pupils

How tutoring is aligned with classroom teaching and teachers are kept in control

What qualifications our maths specialist tutors have and what training they receive

Support available from Third Space Learning

Frequently asked questions

What year groups is Third Space Learning suitable for?
What tutoring programmes are available?
Is maths the only subject provided?
Is all the tutoring one to one?
Is all the tutoring online?
How is each pupil’s learning personalised?
Is it aligned with class teaching?
How are the tutoring lessons structured?
Who created the lessons?
Is the tutoring scheduled?
When is the tutoring available?
What impact can schools expect?
How much does Third Space Learning cost?
What’s included in the price?
What funding is available?
How many sessions per week do pupils receive?
Do pupils have the same tutor each session?
What qualifications and training do the tutors have?
Where are the tutors based?
Are the tutors paid?
Are the tutoring sessions recorded?
What is Third Space Learning's approach to safeguarding?
Is there a minimum or maximum number of pupils?
What setup is required?
Is it available for parents?
Is it available for schools outside the UK?

If you’re interested in a particular part of our tutoring programmes or tutoring approach, take a look at some of our most requested information below:

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"The sessions are excellent and the structure and pace means the children progress well. Most importantly, they love them. In times of budget cuts and uncertainty, it’s something which we have had no problem funding again this year."

Robin Morrell, Assistant Headteacher

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