Help more Year 6 pupils reach EXS in maths

In Year 6, pupils need opportunities to address misconceptions, secure KS2 content and practise SATs-style questions.

But with large classes and varying gaps, it’s not always easy to give every pupil the targeted support they need.

Give your target pupils more opportunities to address gaps, catch up and move on to SATs revision with personalised one to one tutoring from specialist KS2 maths tutors.

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We rotated the Year 6 children who have accessed the tutoring based on their needs and 100% passed. They tackled the maths papers confidently and even the children we were most worried about passed with at least a scaled score of 102. Seeing our SATs results highlighted what I already knew about the impact of Third Space Learning – it is brilliant!

The Mill Primary Academy, Crawley

Chris Noble, Deputy Head

The Mill Primary Academy, Crawley

Year 6 Foundation Programme

Best for: pupils with significant gaps

Programme goal: close gaps and catch up

Year 6 Booster Programme

Best for: pupils working just behind

Programme goal: accelerate progress

SATs Revision Programme

Best for: additional SATs question practice

Programme goal: achieve EXS in May

Preview Year 6 lessons

80 specially created tutoring lessons designed to build conceptual understanding and prepare pupils for KS2 SATs

Comparing and Ordering Fractions

Example Year 6 Lesson

Let’s learn

The first question introduces each concept and helps pupils feel ready to learn

Example Year 6 Lesson

Follow me + your turn

Pupils work through a scaffolded example with their tutor before trying a similar question on their own

Example Year 6 Lesson

You do

A carefully sequenced next question ensures pupils can apply knowledge to different contexts

Example Year 6 Lesson

Go further

This gives pupils an opportunity to apply their knowledge to problem solving and reasoning questions

Reasoning with Perimeter and Area

Example SATs Revision Lesson


Each lesson starter helps tutors to quickly assess understanding

Example SATs Revision Lesson

Let’s try this SATs-style question

Prompts on-screen and from the tutor help pupils learn what to look out for

Example SATs Revision Lesson

Let’s go through this together

Scaffolded slides give pupils the strategies they need to eventually answer questions independently

Example SATs Revision Lesson

Try another one

This ensures pupils can apply those strategies to a range of different contexts


of teachers surveyed felt the sessions helped pupils achieve higher scores in the maths SATs papers in 2023

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After just one term…

12 lessons

Each pupil will have completed 12 personalised one to one revision sessions…

12 lessons

48 exam questions

…Working through at least 48 SATs maths exam-style questions…

48 exam questions

540 minutes

…Totalling 540 minutes verbalising their reasoning with their dedicated SATs tutor.

540 minutes
How does this work in my school?

How does this work in my school?

Personalised online one to one tuition for multiple pupils at once, delivered by specialist maths tutors at a day and time that works for your school.

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Let us know how many Year 6 pupils you’re looking to support and we’ll be in touch with more information about how it works, the impact you can expect to see and a personalised quote for your school.

Your school will be able to use your National Tutoring Programme funding to help cover the cost.

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

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