1-to-1 teaching to supercharge your maths results

“If we could bottle what we have in that room on a Thursday morning it would be tremendous. Their ability to grapple with problems in the classroom now is amazing”

Our specialist maths tutors help 7000 pupils every week to become more confident and able mathematicians


Targeted 1-to-1 KS2 maths interventions

1-to-1 teaching is a highly effective way to accelerate progress in maths. But it can be expensive and difficult to organise. We make it more accessible:

  • You select your target pupils to have a  maths lesson – up to 15 pupils at once!
  • Our tutors deliver personalised 1-to-1 maths lessons in our secure online classroom.
  • Pupils become confident mathematicians and our reports help you keep track of learning.
Find out how this would work for Year 6


Quality KS2 maths resources and CPD

With a more demanding curriculum, teachers need support planning lessons and CPD that drives change. We provide resources you can trust:

  • Assessments help you to understand your pupils’ strengths and misconceptions, and enable you to plan your teaching.
  • Classroom resources focus on developing fluency, problem solving and reasoning across Key Stage 2.
  • Video CPD fills any gaps in staff knowledge and enables you to plan truly effective maths lessons.


See it for yourself

Want to see how it all works first-hand? Let us know a date and time that works for you and we’ll be in touch to run you through our 1-to-1 maths intervention programmes in more detail.

During the 10 minute call you’ll also be able to review our curriculum, explore the online learning platform and ask any questions you have about Third Space.

Available for primary schools in the UK only. If you’re a parent looking to support your child, please visit: matr.org

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What our schools say:

In a trial with Rising Stars, pupils receiving 1-to-1 maths interventions from Third Space Learning made seven months’ progress in 14 weeks

Misconceptions are addressed

Tutors teach to your Year 6 pupils’ gaps to ensure that your pupils are better prepared to access the curriculum when they face SATs.

Reasoning is developed

Pupils talk through problem solving tasks in every lesson, learning how to break questions down into manageable steps.

Pupils build resilience

Lessons focus on growth mindset and tutors gradually facilitate independent work on the KS2 maths