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Fill your school with confident, able mathematicians using our 1-to-1 primary school maths interventions and toolkit of assessment, online CPD and resources.

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Targeted 1-to-1 KS2 maths interventions

1-to-1 teaching is a highly effective way to accelerate progress in maths. But it can be expensive and difficult to organise.

We do it online and will give your pupils 1-to-1 tuition from an expert KS2 maths tutor every week. At a cost built for school budgets.


You select your target pupils to have a  maths lesson – up to 15 pupils at once!


We deliver personalised 1-to-1 maths lessons in our secure online classroom.


Pupils become confident mathematicians and our reports help you keep track of learning.

Quality KS2 maths resources and CPD

Teachers need resources they can trust, and CPD to support them teaching a more demanding curriculum. But with limited budgets and a heavy workload it’s a challenging task.

Our online maths hub gives you access to hundreds of high quality primary maths teaching resources and up-to-date video CPD.

Assessments help you to understand your pupils’ strengths and gaps, and enable you to plan your teaching.

Classroom resources focus on developing fluency, problem solving and reasoning across Key Stage 2.

Video CPD fills any gaps in staff knowledge and enables you to plan truly effective maths lessons.

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What better way to see how Third Space Learning works than by seeing it for yourself? Get in touch today to set up a free 1-to-1 Maths session for two of your pupils.

Your chosen pupils will work with their own specialist Maths tutor to plug learning gaps in our online classroom.

You’ll choose from our bank of over 270 Maths lessons, and choose your preferred date and time for their sessions.

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Which of these maths intervention programmes is right for your pupils’ needs?

Year 5 SATs Foundation

Weekly Year 5 Maths Lessons to get a head-start on Year 6 and SATs.

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KS2 Success in Maths Programme

Year-round personalised maths teaching and resources for Upper and Lower KS2.

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Year 3-4 Keep-Up Maths

Weekly Year 3 and Year 4 Maths lessons so pupils do not fall behind. 

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Teaching support by leading primary maths practitioners

Third Space Learning is a team of teachers and technologists who work with primary schools across the UK to transform pupils’ attainment and love of maths. The company was founded by Tom Hooper in 2012 to create an online teaching model of 1-to-1 maths intervention programmes so that every child, irrespective of wealth or location, could access the personal support they needed to reach and exceed their potential in maths.

We believe that education is about people; that giving children the chance to question and discuss concepts in maths is the way to build their confidence and performance for the long term. We also understand that underpinning all good teaching is a foundation of strong pedagogy, expert knowledge, and flexible reliable resources.

Our ambition now is to share this model and the experience we’ve developed with educators around the world. Our goal is to be the standard and intelligence in primary maths teaching globally.

We’d love to show you how we achieve results with our KS2 maths interventions.

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