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Maths Tutoring for Schools

After the first of our academies used Third Space Learning, word got out that it was having a positive impact and we then obviously wanted a piece of the action as well! The personalisation is second to none. Each school has done the data analysis and made the decision that this is something they want to continue with. If it didn’t have an impact then they wouldn’t go ahead and do it again.

Third Space Learning used across 18 primary and secondary schools in the trust

Kate Davies, Maths Director, Outwood Grange Academies Trust

Third Space Learning used across 18 primary and secondary schools in the trust

Teachers are superheroes, but you can’t be in 15 places at once

With busy classes, stretched workloads and limited budgets, it’s often impossible to give personalised support to the pupils who need it most.

We want to make it easier.

Since 2013, over 4,000 schools have chosen Third Space Learning’s cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for their target pupils – giving them more time to do what they do best: teach!

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The tutors are well trained and the way the programme is set up means the work is pitched at the right level for each child without the need for the teacher to be heavily involved. This massively cuts down on teacher workload! It’s just as effective as bringing in a one to one tutor but it’s so much cheaper, so you can afford to have more children doing it.

St Matthias Primary School, London

Clare Sealy, Headteacher

St Matthias Primary School, London

Measurable impact on maths attainment

Maths Tutoring for Schools
Maths Tutoring for Schools

Affordable maths tutoring for schools

It’s not easy for schools to give specific pupils tailored support without putting extra pressure on already-stretched budgets and workloads.

Third Space Learning helps school budgets reach maximum pupils, without adding to staff workloads.

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Maths Tutoring for Schools

Professional maths specialist tutors

Maths specialists are in short supply in schools, and recruiting and training costs can quickly add up.

All Third Space Learning tutors are STEM graduates and undergraduates who receieve extensive initial and ongoing maths tutor training

Our tutors
Maths Tutoring for Schools

Personalised one to one support at scale

One tutor for each pupil, for as many pupils as you need, all at the same time.

You choose a regular tutoring slot that works for your timetable and are kept in control every step of the way

How it works
Maths Tutoring for Schools

Guided by intelligent assessment

By triangulating diagnostic assessment, tutor assessment and teacher insights, pupils receive the exact support they need at exactly the right pace

Teachers can be as hands-on or hands-off as they need.

Assessment-led tutoring

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

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