Assessment-led maths tutoring

A personalised learning journey for every pupil who needs it

Assessment-Led Tutoring

Targeted: each of our 22 tutoring programmes have been created to achieve specific learning goals

Personalised: each pupil completes a diagnostic assessment to identify what support they need and where

Adaptive: in-session assessments and scaffolded teaching slides enable tutors to adjust the pitch and pace of each lesson

Flexible: teachers are free to re-order or skip lessons at any point

One to one: tutors can address individual gaps and misconceptions in real-time

Measurable: summative assessments at the end of the programme help you track progress and identify outstanding gaps

“The diagnostic assessment is really great and useful. Although it personalises the lessons to the specific pupil, it still allows us to have input and we really enjoyed that flexibility.”

St Paul's Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

Lindsey Lynd, Deputy Headteacher

St Paul’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

Assessment-Led Tutoring

22 goal-specific programmes

Whether you’re looking to address KS2 gaps, prepare Year 6s for SATs, help ease the transition to KS3 or support Year 11s to achieve their target GCSE maths grade, we’ve got a programme for you.

Each programme’s lessons have been ordered to best meet the programme goal, but can be re-ordered at any point to address gaps or any teacher-preffered order.

Assessment-Led Tutoring

Diagnostic assessments to identify gaps

Pupils complete their diagnostic assessment independently from their tutor before their first session.

The results are shared with teachers and tutors to help personalise their learning journey and ensure each pupil receives exactly the right level of support.

Assessment-Led Tutoring

Formative assessments to adapt teaching

All lessons begin with a structured tutor-led assessment to help tutors choose the most appropriate pathway through that lesson.

Tutors can begin the lesson by securing prerequisite knowledge first or, if that’s not required, skip to the scaffolded teaching portion of the lesson or straight to the ‘you do’ portion of the lesson.

Assessment-Led Tutoring

Teacher insights to tailor learning

Teachers are free to review or re-order lessons at any point, including in one go at the start of the programme, saving teacher time throughout the term.

Lessons can be ordered to address the gaps identified in each pupil’s initial diagnostic assessment, or into any order they see fit e.g. to align with class teaching or to use as a pre-teaching tool.

Assessment-Led Tutoring

Summative assessments to monitor progress

Each pupils completes a programme-end quiz to demonstrate their understanding of the topics they’ve covered with their tutor.

You’ll be able to compare these results with their diagnostic assessment results, see which gaps have been addressed and which might still need revisiting.

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