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Now with the SATs fast approaching, we know that teachers and senior leaders will be looking for SATs papers to prepare their pupils so they have every chance to succeed.

Feeling daunted at the prospect of these exams? Here at Third Space Learning, we’ve used our maths expertise to develop articles and resources, including practice tests for your SATs papers preparation. Here we’ve collated all of our materials over time that discuss the National Curriculum tests. This is where you’ll be able to access all of our materials related to the SATs papers, including analysis of previous SATs papers, free downloads, and maths revision tips.

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KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers

Get ready for SATs with this set of 6 maths SATs practice papers. Papers designed to help your Year 6 improve test skills and build confidence.

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KS1 SATs papers

As of 2023 onwards, the Key Stage 1 SATs papers are now no longer a statutory requirement. Teachers and school leaders will decide whether or not pupils will be sitting these optional SATs for KS1. Schools will also be offered more flexibility in terms of when the exams will be sat. 

KS2 SATs papers

The Key Stage 2 SATs remain compulsory and will run over a one-week period as usual. Pupils will sit six test papers in English and Maths over the course of the week. 

The compulsory KS2 SATs exams will involve: 


  • Two SPAG tests (involving a grammar and punctuation test, and a separate spelling test)
  • English reading test


  • Maths Paper 1 – Arithmetic
  • Maths Paper 2 – Reasoning
  • Maths Paper 3 – Reasoning

SATs papers analysis

We’ve compiled a comprehensive analysis of all the past SATs papers for each year 6 maths test. These include a domain coverage analysis of all the SATs maths papers, featuring a breakdown of questions for the SATs arithmetic paper and each SATs reasoning paper: 

SATs papers results

SATs practice papers

Take a look at some of our sample papers with mark schemes to use as a SATs practice test as part of your SATs revision strategy: 

Year 6 SATs practice papers
SATs maths papers

For further SATs preparation, read our article which includes SATs past papers and guidance on how to best use these in the classroom.

SATs revision resources

Looking for further help with SATs preparation? Here at Third Space Learning, we deliver personalised, one to one online maths tuition to help your pupils prepare for the exams. Our SATs revision programme has been designed by maths pedagogy experts and includes many SATs questions to help your pupils build their skills over time so they have every chance to succeed.

A Third Space Learning online lesson using a SATs-style question on reasoning with money.

But in the meantime, make use all of the SATs practice papers we’ve included in this article to boost your pupils’ confidence ready for the exams.

Download SATs papers

Consider using our free SATs papers and questions to further help you prepare for the upcoming exams. Our SATs-style papers also include mark schemes for you to assess your pupils against the scaled scores to check that they are meeting the expected standard.

KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers Pack 1
KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers Pack 2
Year 6 Arithmetic Questions
Year 6 Reasoning Questions
SATs Arithmetic Paper
SATs Reasoning Paper

Frequently asked questions

What papers are there in the SATs

The KS2 SATs papers involve an English reading paper, two English SPaG papers, and three maths papers (one on arithmetic and two on reasoning).

How many SATs papers do Year 6 take?

Year 6 will sit six papers in English and maths over the course of the SATs week.

Is 120 a good SATs score?

120 is a good SATs score because it is the maximum score a child can achieve. If a child has a score of 100 or above, it means they have met the expected standard.

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