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Preparing your Year 11 pupils for maths GCSEs

Weekly online one to one GCSE maths revision lessons available in the spring term

Third Space Learning Testimonials

I really like the way that the intervention can be tailored to support the needs of the individual and that the students are moved through the lesson at a pace that suits them.
Valda Varadinek-Skelton
SENCO, Maths Lead, Eldon Grove Academy, Hartlepool

Third Space Learning Testimonials
Third Space Learning Free Maths Resources

What’s included?

Weekly online one-to-one GCSE maths revision lessons for your target Year 11 pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Tailored for target pupils

You choose which Year 11 pupils need additional support to help them reach their potential in their GCSE maths exams.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

We identified a range of target pupils, from those working below expected standards to those trying to achieve greater depth. We found Third Space Learning to be brilliant for all these kids.

Mary Creasy
Teacher, The Aylesbury Vale Academy, Buckinghamshire

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Built for GCSE success

Lessons focus on securing core KS4 content and building familiarity with the kinds of questions they’ll be tackling in their GCSE exams.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Pupils are really enjoying the sessions and the reports we receive are allowing teachers to address misconceptions.

Philippa Winbolt
Dauntsey Academy, West Lavington

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Personalised for each pupil

Lessons are chosen to provide support where each pupils needs it most to succeed in their maths GCSEs.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Third Space provides a regular and reliable session of one to one support. Their confidence is raised and as a result their outcomes are improved. It is astonishing to see how well pupils build relationships with their tutors and how the tutors adapt their teaching for each pupil

Gail Hard
Headteacher, The Dawnay School, Surrey

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Designed to boost progress

The Programme is suitable for all exam boards and is designed to help your target pupils feel more confident and prepared for their GCSEs

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

In all honesty, the sessions are excellent and the structure and pace means pupils progress well. Most importantly, they love them!

Robin Morrell
Assistant Headteacher, The Cathedral School of St Saviour & St Mary Overy

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Setting your pupils up for GCSE success

Spring Term

Year 11: Revision

Consolidating key GCSE topics

Practising modelled questions

Applying methods in context

Summer Term

Year 10: Foundation

Securing basic KS4 concepts

Building confidence

Building familiarity with KS4 questions

Autumn Term

Year 11: Preparation

Securing key GCSE topics

Building confidence with KS4 content

Developing problem solving skills

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