Boosting progress. Transforming mindset.

Effective, personalised teaching that creates more able, confident and resilient mathematicians.

“ The magic bullet is confidence. They have someone who’s listening to them and it makes a massive difference! “

Our children were smiling throughout, were very engaged and some concentrated for longer than we have ever seen before

Rachel Minter

Deputy Headteacher, Beechwood Primary School


A different way to learn

Pupils love talking to their tutors in the interactive classroom. Schools report that they look forward to attending each week and are engaged throughout, even pupils who don’t usually participate well in lessons.

87% of all pupils we’ve taught agree or strongly agree that they enjoy their extra 1-to-1 maths lessons.

Our children were smiling throughout, were very engaged and some concentrated for longer than we have ever seen before

Karen Brewer

Maths Leader, New Scotland Hill Primary School


A safe space to ask questions

Speaking directly to one person over their headset encourages pupils to ask questions they might not normally feel brave enough to in front of their peers. Combined with the personalised lesson content pitched precisely to their gaps, pupils feel motivated and become more confident.

The one to one interaction is a key area to a lot of our pupils making progress. The tasks set are challenging but the children feel successful.

Neil Straw

Deputy Headteacher, Perton Middle School


Lessons pitched to pupils'needs

1-to-1 teaching means pupils aren’t held back by waiting for others to grasp a concept nor are they left floundering because the lesson has moved on too fast.

Our tutors ensure pupils work in their zone of proximal development, meaning we can build their confidence whilst also providing an appropriate level of challenge, the best way to get them progressing more quickly.

Our data shows better progress for 3rd Space Learners over time when measured against non-3rd Space Learners.

Nicholas Achenbach

Deputy Headteacher, Heartsease Primary Academy


Plugging gaps so pupils achieve

Misconceptions are addressed as they arise so that pupils can move quickly through the curriculum.

This ensures key concepts are reinforced and foundations are secured – helping your pupils keep up, catch up and achieve. You’re kept updated through weekly and overview reports.


Boost KS2 Maths Attainment

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