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Ensuring a better start to KS3

A KS3 maths intervention programme to help plug gaps from KS2 and ease the transition to Year 7

Third Space Learning Testimonials

We used the programme for pupils that lacked the basic skills from primary that they needed to access the KS3 maths curriculum. Compared with their SATs results our Year 7s have made very good progress!
Jackie Emsley
Teacher, Blackminster Middle School, Worcester

Third Space Learning Testimonials
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What’s included?

Weekly online one-to-one maths lessons for your target Year 7 pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Tailored for target pupils

You choose which Year 7 pupils need additional support to succeed in secondary school.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

I really like the way that the intervention can be tailored to support the needs of the individual and that the students are moved through the lesson at a pace that suits them.

Valda Varadinek-Skelton
SENCO, Maths Lead, Eldon Grove Academy, Hartlepool

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Built for long-term success

Lessons focus on reviewing and consolidating Key Stage 2 content before moving onto the Key Stage 3 national curriculum.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The impact upon learning for specific groups of pupils is highly effective. Third Space Learning is such a great support to teaching and learning!

Maria Wilson
Headteacher, St Paul's Middle School, Alnwick

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Personalised for each pupil

The catch up programme of lessons for each student is chosen to plug their specific knowledge gaps.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Great price, for a great service and fully engaged and committed children who not only love the personalised nature of the sessions, but also make clear progress.

Mark Creasy
Teacher, The Aylesbury Vale Academy

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Designed to ease transitions

Pupils feel confident working through questions with their own dedicated tutor in a low stakes environment.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Pupils enjoy working with their tutors - they describe them as lovely, friendly and helpful. The content of the sessions is appropriate and fits with the scheme of work we use in lessons.

Becky Cain
Deputy Headteacher, Cranborne Middle School

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

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