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Building solid maths foundations early on

One to one tuition to help your pupils grow in confidence and catch up in maths

Third Space Learning Testimonials

100% of the Year 4 and 5 pupils on the programme achieved Age Related Expectations or higher. It’s clear to see that Third Space has been having an impact.

Catherine Prole, Deputy Headteacher St Michael’s Primary School, Trafford

Third Space Learning Testimonials
Third Space Learning Free Maths Resources

What’s included?

Weekly online one to one maths lessons for your target Year 3 to 5 pupils

Regular assessment and reporting

Free headset for each pupil

Full access to all resources and video CPD in the Third Space Maths Hub

Tailored for target pupils

You choose which Year 3-5 pupils you'd like to support with additional catch up maths teaching.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

We use it to support Pupil Premium pupils but also for any other pupils that we feel need it. For us, it’s about doing all we can to support the children that need it the most.

Julia Bolton
SENCO, West Horndon Primary School, Essex

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Built for long-term success

Lessons ensure Year 3-5 content is secure and misconceptions are addressed before Year 6.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

It’s a really helpful step heading into year 6 because now it means they have that confidence to go and try it, which at the start of year 6 is very valuable. We’ve certainly agreed it’s a good thing this is happening in year 5 as by year 6 it’s almost too late.

Tim Jackson
Maths Coordinator, Pangbourne Primary School, Reading

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Personalised for each pupil

Lessons are chosen to plug individual knowledge gaps across the Year 1-5 curriculum.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The children gain a great deal from a different approach from the way they are taught in lessons. The one to one tutoring means that it can be completely personal - tailored to their needs.

Alison Tanner
Maths Leader, Cameley CofE VC Primary School, Bath

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Designed to build foundations

Tutors work one to one with each pupil to build confidence and a love for maths early on.

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

The opportunity for the children to apply their numeracy skills in a safe environment where they are not afraid to fail in front of their peers. Very good for increasing confidence and this is demonstrated in class lessons where less able mathematicians are beginning to contribute more ideas.

Helen Soderstrom
Assistant Head, Mount Nod Primary School, Coventry

Welcome to the Third Space Learning

Building the foundations for long-term success

Year 3-5

Early Intervention

Plugging gaps across Year 1-5

Building confidence and engagement

Addressing misconceptions early

Year 6: Autumn


Strengthening KS2 foundations

Securing core SATs concepts

Developing reasoning and arithmetic

Year 6: Spring


Reviewing and revising core concepts

Applying methods in context

Practising word problems and SATs questions

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