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Mathematical Language

Build verbal fluency through one to one conversations

Mathematical language is crucial crucial to achieving age-related expectations in maths.

But in a class of 30, not every pupil gets the opportunity to talk through their reasoning.

With Third Space Learning, pupils engage in meaningful mathematical conversations to build confidence and conceptual understanding – encouraged by their own personal maths specialist tutor.

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”The children love Third Space and it really supports what they do in class, filling in their gaps in learning and building their confidence. The fact that children have to speak with their tutor and explain their reasoning, develops confidence and their use of mathematical vocabulary.”

Deputy Headteacher, Buckingham Park Primary School

Karyn Astle

Deputy Headteacher, Buckingham Park Primary School

Mathematical Language

Providing opportunities for dialogue

Pupils lacking in mathematical confidence often shy away from participating in whole class conversation.

Working one to one with the same tutor on a weekly basis builds rapport and provides pupils with opportunities to engage in mathematical dialogue in a safe space.

Mathematical Language

Practice makes perfect

The more frequently pupils practise using mathematical vocabulary, the quicker it becomes engrained.

Attending weekly one to one tutoring sessions provides pupils who need it most the opportunity to practise mathematical language, improving their verbal fluency and plugging gaps in their learning.

Mathematical Language

Encouraging mathematical dialogue

As maths lessons are often limited to one hour a day, teaching the lesson content, addressing 30 pupils’ questions and completing independent work can be a challenge.

Pupils are afforded the opportunity to ask a wealth of questions using mathematical language during one to one personalised tutoring sessions on the topics and concepts they need support on.

Mathematical Language

Making maths language accessible to all

SATs papers often contain complex mathematical language, which means, for many, the tests need to be decoded.

Pupils are able to talk through complex word problems, complete practice exam questions, and build their self-confidence with praise from Third Space Learning tutors.

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