Free Home Learning Packs For Primary Maths KS1 & KS2

This is where you can find all the free home learning packs and maths resources most suitable for online schooling and remote learning in primary schools.

As the country returns to lockdown and national school closures, we at Third Space will be doing our best to support schools and parents with home learning in the best ways we can.

While we will continue to offer our online maths tuition to pupils remotely during Covid-19, either via their school or through our ‘at home’ tuition service, we have also brought together all the maths resources we provide that are most suitable for home use.

Third Space Learning exists to give schools and and teachers the means to help children learn and progress in KS1 and KS2 maths with interventions, teaching resources and maths packs.

At the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in March last year we began development of our home learning packs and have added to them during the course of 2020.

The following useful links are all to the free resources from the Third Space Maths Hub, which is free to join for teachers and parents. We recommend you post a link to this page on your school website, or just pass it along to your parents so they can download them for themselves. You can also share this helpful PDF with parents to help them get started with their free accounts. All the resources are suitable for parents of pupils in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 who’ve been following the KS1 or KS2 national curriculum.

Download free maths resources from our mathshub

Download free maths resources from our mathshub

Find what you need in our collection of free and premium maths resources for teachers and parents. Register to join for free (works best with Google Chrome).

A note on what you won’t find here…

We are aware of the additional challenges for continuing EYFS education during this period but while nurseries remain open we are leaving early years maths to the experts on the ground. Moreover, our expertise is in Maths not English, so if you’re looking for phonics support we recommend you try other high quality providers.

Which home learning packs are available?

The reason we have chosen these home learning resources is that we believe that parents will find them easy to manage – more practice and retrieval work than teaching – and they are appropriate for children at this stage of the year.

Many of these resources follow week by week with the White Rose Maths scheme of work, so we know what stage your pupils are likely to be at in their maths learning. 

Our team of teachers making new resources will continue their work over the next few months creating and adapting resources for the whole school into maths packs and home learning packs that parents will find useful. Please email us if there’s anything you especially need help with. 

How to find the home learning packs in the Maths Hub

Access to all our free maths resources is available to all teachers and school staff and parents; all you need is to register for a free Maths Hub account so you can receive our emails. 

Please note, you will need to use Google Chrome, Edge or Safari.

If your school already pays for premium access to the Third Space Maths Hub, then, as part of our home learning support, we have now added the functionality for parents to download premium resources too.

All our home learning resources and home learning packs are available in the home learning category of the maths hub.

Home learning ideas and activities

If it’s home learning activities you’re looking for, or support for parents moving to online teaching and online learning then visit our home learning hub for lots of brilliant maths activities and interactive ideas for supporting your child with maths at home. You can start with these blog post guides to the maths curriculum for parents.

Year 2 Maths
Year 3 Maths
Year 4 Maths
Year 5 Maths
Year 6 Maths

The following are all free home learning resource packs suitable for learners at home or at school.

Fluent in Five: Free home learning packs for Arithmetic and Mental Maths

These home learning resources are specifically to help pupils keep up with their arithmetic and mental maths; our Fluent in Five scheme gives pupils between 4 and 6 questions a day to answer, as appropriate for their year group. One week Year 3 may be focusing on their subtraction skills, Year 2 on number bonds, and Year 6 on more complex place value questions. It follows a progression and is a fantastic start to a day’s home learning. 

Fluent in Five is available for all year groups, with answers included. The questions are presented on powerpoint slides for school whiteboard use but are very suitable to be shown on a tablet. For Years 2 and Year 6 there are SATs assessment type tests included. 

Year 6 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 5 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 4 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 3 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 2 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 1 Arithmetic Worksheets

Rapid Reasoning: Free home learning packs for reasoning and problem solving questions in maths

Alongside Fluent in Five, Rapid Reasoning provides 3 or 4 daily problem solving tasks. These will work particularly well for home learning maths packs as a modelled answer is provided each week, giving pupils and parents a little more guidance on how to tackle the problems. 

Year 6 Reasoning Worksheets

Year 5 Reasoning Worksheets

Year 4 Reasoning Worksheets

Year 3 Reasoning Worksheets

Free times tables home learning packs

If you’re looking to support regular times tables practice, we have a times table grid resource pack with instructions for some fun games and activities which pupils and parents can do together and we have some quick fire times tables tests which are a useful way to track children’s progress. 

Free maths games and activities packs

One thing that teachers and parents have told us they value highly during school closures is maths games that give children something that is both fun and educational to do.

We’ve gathered together our favourite maths games for kids, place value games (including a place value worksheet of activities), and times tables games in blog posts, and you can also download the following handy activity packs for free:

We’re adding to our collections of maths games all these time so if you’re still hungry for more, try these KS2 maths games, KS1 maths games and KS3 maths games.

Free maths worksheets and tests for home learning in Years 3 to 5

We’ve also made a selection of our maths worksheets and maths tests available free for teachers and parents; all of these include a range of arithmetic and reasoning questions, and importantly, all the answers.

Year 3 Home Learning Packs

Year 4 Home Learning Packs

Year 5 Home Learning Packs

Free maths worksheets and tests for home learning in Year 6

Maths Reasoning Questions Year 6

We’ve got several collections of free reasoning and problem solving questions on the most common types of questions for SATs

SATs Practice Papers

To help your Year 6 pupils prepare and build their confidence ahead of SATs, this set contains two complete practice packs of free SATs papers, each with two reasoning papers and one arithmetic paper. As with all our home learning resources, answers are also included. 

These SATs packs are perfect for helping children practise their maths skills, even if they won’t be taking SATs.

SATs in Minutes Video Organisers

To provide pupils with examples of SATs problem solving methods which they can work through independently, these organisers each contain links to 20 worked examples videos of SATs questions from reasoning papers from 2016.

Independent Recap: Free maths worksheets matching White Rose and Oak National for Year 1 to Year 6 (Summer Term)

These maths worksheets are designed to align where possible with the objectives that will have been taught if you’re following White Rose Maths or Oak National video lessons online.

They are available for every pupil from Year 1 to Year 6 covering topics from angles to measurement and fractions. And they will be free to download throughout the summer term.

Each worksheet is designed to be completed independently by pupils and provide some practice of the concepts that they have been learning, whilst also providing some greater depth challenges.

Year 1 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Year 2 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Year 3 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Year 4 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Year 5 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Year 6 Home Learning Worksheets – Maths – Independent Recap

Code Crackers: Free maths retrieval practice for Year 3 to Year 6

For easy to use, quick, fun retrieval practice, our Code Crackers worksheets are a great way for pupils to recap knowledge on a range of topics from their maths lessons so far this year. The packs and topics created all follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work and like all our resources answers are provided so they should be easy for parents to use. They even include a special maths challenge at the end to keep children motivated to work on their maths skills the whole way through.

If your school has a maths hub subscription you can download Code Crackers for every topic in the Autumn, Summer and Spring Term. The free home learning packs focus on Place Value which most teachers agree is the most fundamental of all topics for children to understand in order to progress freely in maths.

Year 6 Home Learning Pack – Maths Lessons

Year 5 Home Learning Pack – Maths Lessons

Year 4 Home Learning Pack – Maths Lessons

Year 3 Home Learning Pack – Maths Lessons

Worked Examples: Free maths worksheets to develop conceptual understanding Year 3 to Year 6

For some tricker problem solving challenges this resource contains a series of SATs style arithmetic and reasoning questions which have been answered incorrectly.

This resource encourages pupils to find and explain errors, not just focus on finding the correct answer. Detailed mark schemes with explanations of misconceptions are provided, making them ideal for encouraging mathematical discussion between pupils and parents, or alternatively, making it possible for pupils to mark themselves. 

The packs provided below are all free for home usage.

We hope you’ll find these KS1 and KS2 home learning packs and home learning resources useful. Please do keep an eye on the Third Space Maths Hub as more maths resource packs for primary schools are being added regularly. 

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Download free maths resources from our mathshub

Download free maths resources from our mathshub

Find what you need in our collection of free and premium maths resources for teachers and parents. Register to join for free (works best with Google Chrome).

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Download free maths resources from our mathshub

Downloadable resource

Find what you need in our collection of free and premium maths resources for teachers and parents. Register to join for free (works best with Google Chrome).

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