Personalised learning that doubles progress

You want all your pupils to succeed in and feel confident with maths.

But some pupils need more focused attention before they can move forward.

In an independent trial, pupils receiving weekly personalised one to one maths tutoring from Third Space Learning made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks.

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“I would recommend Third Space Learning because the 1:1 explanations really support pupil progress. This is one of the most effective interventions I have come across in my 27 years of teaching.”

Lathom Junior School


Lathom Junior School

Assessment to diagnose gaps

In every class, there are a wide variety of learning gaps which make it challenging to provide targeted teaching in the classroom.

Every Third Space Learning pupil sits an initial diagnostic assessment before their first session, giving schools an easy way to identify and plug individual gaps at scale.

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An interactive classroom

An interactive classroom

Not all pupils feel confident verbalising their reasoning in front of their classmates but it is challenging to find time to spend with these quieter pupils to ensure their understanding.

Third Space Learning gives them space to build up their confidence and secure their understanding of key topics by thinking aloud with their tutor in real time.

Targeted revision programmes

Exams are often regarded as the key indicator of student progress, but preparing each student to deliver their best work can be time consuming.

The SATs and GCSE Revision Programmes give your target pupils focused attention to practise exam-style questions, with dedicated maths specialists guiding them through the most efficient strategies to use.

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Saving teacher time

Saving teacher time

No teacher can be everywhere at once, especially in a class that might have 30 pupils, or more.

That’s why more schools are choosing Third Space Learning to provide their target pupils with the maths support they need through one to one tutoring, giving teachers the time they need to focus on whole-class teaching.

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Trusted by 4,000+ school leaders across the UK to provide cost-effective one to one maths tutoring for the pupils who need it most:

56% cheaper than the average cost of online one to one tutoring

The UK’s most affordable DfE-approved tutoring partner

Includes free headsets, diagnostic assessments and regular reports

Discounts available for long-term bookings and MATs

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