Scaffolded lessons to secure key maths skills

Pupils need time to master one skill before they move on to the next.

But teaching timeframes and large class sizes don’t always allow individual pupils the time they need to secure a deep conceptual understanding of each topic.

Third Space Learning tutors use a specially-created curriculum of mastery-aligned lessons and carefully sequenced questions to build conceptual understanding for the pupils who need it most.

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“The best thing about Third Space Learning for our pupils has been the increase in confidence, especially with regards to explaining their answers or understanding. I think the fact that their tutors are always there to deal with any misunderstandings straight away is a real bonus!”

Assistant Headteacher, Hyrstmount Junior School

Elysha Wallis

Assistant Headteacher, Hyrstmount Junior School

Maths Mastery

Address gaps in real-time

Teachers are superheroes – but in a class of 30+ they can’t be in multiple places at once.

Online one to one tutoring ensures individual learning gaps are identified and addressed instantly, leaving teachers free to focus on high quality whole class teaching — without increasing their workload.

Maths Mastery

More fluency opportunities

With teachers under constant pressure to move through the curriculum, it can be difficult to instil mathematical fluency in pupils.

Frequent practice in a tutoring setting ensures pupils can quickly and accurately recall the method to answer the question at hand – not just rely on a ‘quick fix’ or guesswork.

Maths Mastery

A safe space to make mistakes

For pupils with lower self-confidence in their maths abilities, participating in a class discussion or raising their hand can be a big challenge.

One to one tutoring gives these pupils a nurturing environment in which to make mistakes, try new skills, and secure their understanding of maths topics.

Maths Mastery

Regular reporting

It can be challenging and time consuming for schools to monitor whether individual pupils have fully grasped a maths concept before moving on to the next topic.

Third Space Learning programmes give teachers quick and easy access to content covered and progress made over time, helping to quickly assess individual understanding and inform class teaching.

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