KS2 resource for holiday Maths work – a free time saver full of Key Stage 2 Maths investigations. Designed by Maths specialists to help cut down planning time for KS2 Maths teachers before the end of the summer term, the worksheets in this resource are perfect for the summer holidays.

As any teacher who has sat through a parents evening will know, one of the best questions you can be asked by a parent is “what can I do to help them at home?”. Parental involvement has been shown to have a significant effect on educational achievement.

Defeat summer brain drain with our KS2 Holiday Maths Pack

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KS2 Holiday Maths Pack

A fun, printable holiday Maths pack to give to KS2 over the summer, includes National Curriculum topics

Reading together on a regular basis, practising spellings, going to a museum, talking about what they want to do when they’re older…any of these interactions can contribute to pupils becoming more enthusiastic and confident learners. To find out more about the importance of parental engagement. Read this article for more on the importance of parental engagement.

However, when it comes to maths, it can be harder for parents and carers to know how to explore the subject, develop key skills and engage their children. With this in mind, we’ve put together a downloadable Holiday Maths Pack, specifically designed for parents and carers to work through with their children and to practise the key skills needed at home.

The pack covers a variety of number, shape and space skills, and provides a range of questions which parents can focus on with their child. And yes, there is a times table quiz in there!

An answer sheet is provided at the back so that answers can be checked and corrected together.

The questions would be most appropriate for pupils in Years 3-5 but may well be appropriate for some Year 6 pupils who need more support. For these pupils it could be used to help build a more secure foundation, enabling them to easily access the harder questions in SATs papers without falling down on their basic skills.

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Tushar Ilwahdi , Schools Team , Third Space Learning

Tushar grew up in London & taught for over three years before becoming a Numeracy Coordinator. He works at Third Space to help our pupils become great mathematicians.