The GCSE 2024 Dates: Exam Timetable And Key Information

Here’s your guide to the key GCSE 2024 dates. All timetables for the GCSE exam series have been confirmed so we can give you the key dates to help you prepare for the 2024 GCSE exams. 

When are the GCSE exams 2024?

GCSE exams in the 2024 academic year take place in May and June. This is across all exam boards.

The first GCSE exam is on 9th May 2024 and the final GCSE exam is on Wednesday 19th June 2024. GCSE results day will be on Thursday 22 August.

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Here we look at dates for all major GCSE examinations in England focusing predominantly on the Edexcel, OCR, and AQA exam boards. All dates

We start with the maths exams as these are the GCSE papers that our online GCSE maths tutors prepare students for, but, for completeness, we’ve included dates for English and Science as well.


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Thursday 16th May 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 1 2024 Analysis & Revision Topic List
Monday 3rd June 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 2 2024 Analysis & Revision Topic List
Monday 10th June 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 3 2024 Analysis

GCSE 2024 dates
GCSE 2024 results (when published)
GCSE results 2023

Changes to the GCSE exams since Covid-19

To help to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on learning, for the GCSE exams 2022 students were given advance information on the topics that would be covered in the exams. In 2023 there was no advanced information but in maths, physics and combined science exams students were given formulae and equation sheets similar to this free maths formula sheet.

In 2024, GCSE exams will be back to pre-pandemic ‘normal’ exams for the first time since 2019.

GCSE timetable for each exam board

Edexcel GCSE 2024 dates

According to the Edexcel Pearson GCSE 2024 examination timetable, the Edexcel Maths Paper 1, Maths Paper 2 and Maths Paper 3 exams will begin on 16th May 2024.

Edexcel mathematics paper 1 (Non-Calculator) for both the Foundation Tier and Higher Maths Tier is on Thursday 16th May. This paper is one hour and thirty minutes long and will be in the morning session. 

Edexcel mathematics paper 2 (Calculator) will take place on Monday 3rd June for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier. This paper is one hour and thirty minutes long and will be in the morning session. 

The third and final Edexcel mathematics paper 3 (Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier is on Monday 10th June. This paper is one hour and thirty minutes long and will be in the morning session. 

FIND OUT MORE: Edexcel Pearson GCSE page

OCR GCSE 2024 dates

The OCR GCSE 2024 exam timetable runs throughout May and June 2024. OCR labels mathematics papers 1, 2, and 3 as Foundation Tier and mathematics papers 4, 5, and 6 as Higher Tier.

OCR papers 1 and 4 (the first Foundation Tier and the first Higher Tier papers) will both take place on Thursday 16th May.

The second exam for both Foundation and Higher Tiers, OCR papers 2 and 5 will take place on Monday 3rd June.

The final paper for both Foundation and Higher, OCR papers 3 and 6, will be sat by students on Monday 10th June. 

All OCR maths exams will be one hour and thirty minutes and take place during the morning exam session. 


AQA GCSE 2024 dates

The AQA 2024 GCSE exam timetable is very similar to that of Edexcel and OCR in terms of the maths exams.

AQA paper 1 (Non-Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier will take place on the morning of Thursday 16th May, lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

AQA paper 2 (Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier is set for the morning of Monday 3rd June, lasting one hour and thirty minutes.

AQA paper 3 (Calculator) for both Foundation Tier and Higher Tier will be in the morning on Monday 10th June lasting another one hour and thirty minutes. 


Summary of maths exam dates 2024

Here’s a summary of the dates your students will be sitting the three maths papers:

  • Thursday 16th May 2024 – First paper (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Non-Calculator
  • Monday 3rd June 2024  – Second paper (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Calculator
  • Monday 10th June 2024 – Third paper (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Calculator
GCSE 2024 dates

For maths, Eduqas, WJEC (Wales) and CCEA (Northern Ireland) follow the same dates.

English exam dates 2024

As well as Maths, the other key dates for paper that almost all students will be sitting are for English Language and English Literature.

GCSE English language exam dates

  • Thursday 23rd May 2024, morning – English language paper 1 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)
  • Thursday 6th June 2024, morning – English language paper 2 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)

Eduqas and WJEC (Wales) follow the same dates for English language. CCEA English language unit 1 (Northern Ireland) exam is on Wednesday 8th May and CCEA English language unit 4 is on Monday 20th May.

GCSE English literature exam dates

  • Monday 13th May 2024, morning – English literature paper 1 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)
  • Monday 20th May 2024, morning – English literature paper 2 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)

Eduqas, WJEC (Wales) and CCEA (Northern Ireland) follow the same dates for English literature.

Science exam dates 2024

Exam dates for the science papers vary much more widely across the different exam boards but here are the key ones you’ll need.

Biology exam dates

  • Friday 10th May – Biology paper 1 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)
  • Friday 7th June – Biology paper 2 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)

Chemistry exam dates

  • Friday 17th May – Chemistry paper 1 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)
  • Tuesday 11th June – Chemistry paper 2 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)

Physics exam dates

  • Wednesday 22nd May – Physics paper 1 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)
  • Friday 14th June – Physics paper 2 combined and single science (Edexcel, OCR & AQA)

Other exam dates 2024

Exam dates for language papers (French, German, Spanish, etc), Religious Studies, media studies, design & technology, physical education, and more are available from the websites of the relevant awarding bodies.

For more detail on examination dates such as dates for special consideration requests, contingency days and release of results to the examination centres (GCSE on 21st August and A Levels on 14th August) see the release from the Joint Council for Qualifications.

Support for the GCSE exams in 2024

Third Space Learning has an extensive library of free secondary maths resources to support students with any school coursework or homework and help them with revision and to prepare for the GCSE Maths exams. Our free resources include GCSE maths worksheets, GCSE maths past papers, GCSE maths questions and GCSE maths revision lessons.

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GCSE results day 2024

GCSE results 2024 will be available across all exam boards in summer on Thursday 22nd August 2024.

GCSE appeals

If students are unhappy with the results they receive, there is a chance to appeal. 

Edexcel appeals, OCR appeals and AQA appeals are all allowed to be submitted within 30 days of the results.

However, appeals must meet specified criteria and often the head of the test centre or school administration must be the one to submit the appeal.

GCSE resits 2024

For those who did not achieve the results they hoped for, GCSE resits will be possible during the 2024 GCSE exam season. 

Maths and English GCSE resits however will be sat a bit earlier next year during November 2024. 

Planning for the GCSE exams

A crucial part of exam preparation is being organised. Students should make a note of the 2024 GCSE exam dates and use this information to create a revision timetable as part of their plan for how to revise for GCSE

In the run up to exam season, it’s also worth reminding your students how to revise most effectively, what exam techniques they can utilise to make the most of each mark, what they can start reading within or in addition to the specification, and how individual marks can affect the GCSE grade boundaries.

Finally, we remind all students of the importance of maintaining good health and well-being during a stressful year of exam preparation and wish all of the students sitting GCSE exams in 2024 the very best of luck!

GCSE exam date FAQs

Will there be changes to GCSE 2024

GCSEs in 2024 will largely go back to pre-pandemic 2019 standards.

What dates do GCSEs finish in 2024?

GCSE exams in 2024 will start on 9th May and finish on 19th June.

Are GCSEs cancelled?

GCSE exams are not cancelled in 2024 and will go ahead as usual.

Will 2024 A-Levels be cancelled?

A-Levels will go ahead in 2024.

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