GCSE Results 2024: Information And Next Steps For Teachers And School Leaders

GCSE results 2024 will be available on 22nd August 2024. Here’s where we will update with information on GCSE results day and particularly what the picture looks like for the maths exams.

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Thursday 16th May 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 1 2024 Analysis & Revision Topic List
Monday 3rd June 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 2 2024 Analysis & Revision Topic List
Monday 10th June 2024: GCSE Maths Paper 3 2024 Analysis

GCSE 2024 dates
GCSE results 2023

When will the GCSE results be available?

GCSE results day 2024 is on Thursday 22nd August 2024. Schools usually open at 8am for students to pick up their GCSE results. Schools will receive the GCSE results the day before so this year it will be on Wednesday 21st August.

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GCSE exams 2024

For the first time in four years, GCSEs were back to their full 2019 format with no advanced information. Initially it was thought that there would also be no formula sheets but GCSE exam boards relented. In the 2024 maths GCSEs 16-year-olds have been allowed formula sheets in maths as they did in the immediate years post-Covid 19 pandemic.

It is thought that in 2025 students will once again be without formula sheets.

GCSE results 2023

The GCSE results 2023 results were down on 2022, but remained higher than 2019, which was the last set of pre-pandemic results. In 2023, GCSE grade boundaries across each exam board were set to the pre-pandemic format, offering little additional protection from any disruption to students’ learning. Consequently, GCSE results in 2023 were lower than in 2022 due to the pre-pandemic grading.

Analysis of GCSE maths papers in 2023 

The maths GCSE results 2023 saw a drop in the proportion of grade 4 and above grades to 72.3%. This figure bears resemblance to pre-pandemic levels, such as the 2019 results figure of 71.5%. There was a higher proportion of higher grades (5-9) and a lower proportion of top GCSE grades (1-4) in comparison to 2019.

Find out more about previous exam content with these detailed breakdowns:

Other GCSE results

GCSEs results 2022

The GCSE results 2022 were lower than the previous two years for young people sitting the exams, which was to be expected. However, these figures still remained higher than the pre-pandemic 2019 results, with the 2022 results being deemed a ‘midpoint’ between 2019 and 2021.

For sixteen-year-olds sitting the exams, 75.3% of all GCSEs across all subjects and ages were awarded a grade 4 (pass mark) or above. 

GCSEs results 2021

In 2021, grades were awarded by teachers, as opposed to examiners, based on what grade they believe a student would have earned if they had sat the exam. Mock exams, in-class tests, and other non-exam teacher assessments that had already been completed were used to assess students’ performance.

Exam results in 2021 were even higher than in 2020, with the rate of students achieving 7 and above rising to 28.9% in 2021, from 26.2% in 2020. The rate of those who earned a 4 and above rose to 77.1% in 2021 up from 76.3% in 2020.

GCSE results 2020

In 2020, an algorithm developed by Ofqual was designed to assign GCSE grades. Centre assessments were to be put through the model which used schools’ past performance and expected national outcomes to ‘standardise’ grades. The exam regulator offered protection to students that accounted for disruption to their learning.

In response to controversy over how a similar model had down-graded A-Level results, this plan was scrapped three days before GCSE results were announced, with results instead coming from students’ centre assessment grade or calculated grade, whichever was higher.

In 2020, the proportion of GCSE candidates receiving the highest three grades rose from 21.9% in 2019 to 27.6% in 2020. Students achieving a 4 or above rose from 70% to 79% in England. In maths, the proportion of students who gained a 7 and above rose from 20% to 24%, and those who gained a 4 and above rose from 71.5% to just above 77%.

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You are free to download any resource from the extensive library of free secondary maths resources, worksheets, formula sheets and GCSE maths topic lists for AQA, Edexcel and OCR – all have been made by teacher for school like yours. Specifically designed for GCSE maths revision, the GCSE maths past papers, GCSE maths worksheets and GCSE maths questions, will help to familiarise students with the type of materials covered in the exam as well as how questions are marked.

When are GCSE resits 2024?

For students who did not score as highly as they had hoped,  there is the possibility to resit GCSE exams. Maths and English resits will take place in November of 2024. Resits for other exams will be during the 2024 exam season.

The final timetable for these exams has now been released

  • Wednesday 6th November 2024 – Maths paper 1 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Non-Calculator
  • Friday 8th November 2024  – Maths paper 2 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Calculator
  • Monday 11th November 2024 – Maths paper 3 (Edexcel, OCR & AQA) Calculator

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