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GCSE Results 2023: Information And Next Steps For Teachers And School Leaders

The arrival of the GCSE exam papers for 2023 is just around the corner and before you know it students will be receiving their GCSE results 2023. Third Space Learning is here to guide you through the busy exam series and keep you updated on everything you need to know including GCSE results and analysis.

This blog will be updated regularly over the coming months as new information and key dates about the 2023 GCSE exam results become available.

GCSE 2023 exam dates

For the first time in two years GCSEs are going ahead as usual and with pre-pandemic grading.The GCSE 2023 dates for exams will take place throughout May and June of 2023, (the exam timetable has been published) and GCSE results day will be the 24th August 2023.

As we are maths specialists, we will focus primarily on the 2023 GCSE Mathematics exams and results.

GCSE results 2023 adjustments and grade boundaries

This academic year, GCSE exams are back to their pre-pandemic ‘normal’ .

Unlike in 2022 there are no modifications, advance information or reduced syllabus for any exam board.

GCSE grade boundaries were a little more lenient in 2022, but will again be back to their usual rigour.

GCSE results 2022

GCSE results 2022 were viewed as a ‘midpoint’ between 2019 and 2021 with results lower than the 2020/21 results but higher than the GCSE results in 2019. In the GCSE English language exam results the percentage point differences between the proportions of grade 4s and 7s awarded in 2019 and 2022 were greater than in maths and in English literature. In maths, the proportion of grade 7s awarded dropped by 1.9 percentage points to 24% but was still much higher than the 2019 figure of 20.4%.

GCSEs during the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and disruption to learning, GCSE exams did not take place as usual during 2020 or 2021, with adaptations instead. Instead, the department of education determined a variety of different means were used to produce grades for students, often with controversial outcomes.

GCSE results 2020

In 2020, an algorithm developed by Ofqual was designed to assign GCSE grades. Centre assessments were to be put through the model which used schools’ past performance and expected national outcomes to ‘standardise’ grades.

In response to controversy over how a similar model had down-graded A-Level results, this plan was scrapped three days before GCSE results were announced, with results instead coming from students’ centre assessment grade or calculated grade, whichever was higher.

In 2020, the proportion of GCSE candidates receiving the highest three grades rose from 21.9% in 2019 to 27.6% in 2020. Students achieving a 4 or above rose from 70% to 79% in England. In maths, the proportion of students who gained a 7 and above rose from 20% to 24%, and those who gained a 4 and above rose from 71.5% to just above 77%.

GCSEs results 2021

In 2021, grades were awarded by teachers based on what grade they believe a student would have earned if they had sat the exam. Mock exams, in-class tests and other non-exam assessments that had already been completed were used to assess students’ performance.

Results in 2021 were even higher than in 2020, with the rate of students achieving 7 and above rising to 28.9% in 2021, from 26.2% in 2020. The rate of those who earned a 4 and above rose to 77.1% in 2021 up from 76.3% in 2020.

When are resits?

For students who did not score as highly as they had hoped, there is the possibility to resit GCSE exams. Maths and English resits will take place in November of 2023. Resits for other exams will be during the 2024 exam season.

Concerned about GCSE results in 2023?

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Sophie Bessemer
Sophie Bessemer
Third Space Learning
Content Team
An education publisher, content editor and primary school governor, Sophie works at Third Space producing resources and sharing best practice

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