Free Division Worksheets For Primary School: Year 2 to Year 6

This blog includes a whole host of our most popular division worksheets for Years 2-6. These worksheets include all things Key Stage 1 and 2 division such as long division worksheets, division facts worksheets, remainders, dividing decimals, division tables and more. There’s something here for every primary teacher! 

This list of maths worksheets includes both free and premium printable division methods worksheets. Aside from just division worksheets, Third Space Learning offers wide arrays of teaching and learning primary maths resources, such as worksheets, blogs, flashcards, question slides and online tuition programmes. We’re here to help students grow their maths skills. 

Why we’ve created these division worksheets

We understand that division can be a tricky topic to teach and that it’s also a fundamental concept that will lay the base for students’ future maths learning. For this reason, it’s important to get it right and that comes with practice. 

Third Space Learning has created a wealth of division resources to help students solidify their understanding of division. 

Our resources are all specially created to support the 100,000 UK teachers that are signed up to Third Space Learning, we hope you find something that can help in your classroom. 

Multiplication and Division Diagnostic Quiz

Multiplication and Division Diagnostic Quiz

Download this free multiplication and division diagnostic quiz to gain insight into your class' abilities.

What you can expect from these division worksheets

All of our worksheets are carefully created by experienced teachers to ensure that they are filled with high quality questions that follow the primary maths curriculum. All worksheets come with answer keys and teacher tips. 

Our worksheets follow the maths mastery approach, encouraging deep understanding rather than rote memorisation. Our division worksheets also cover a variety of methods such as the bus stop method and partitioning.

How to get hold of these division worksheets

All of our resources are available for download, simply click on the link, enter your email address and the resource will be in your inbox in moments. Alternatively, Maths Hub members can log in to their Maths Hub accounts to download worksheets from there. 

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Information and testimonials from Third Space Learning Maths Hub members

Crossover division worksheets

A wide selection of our KS1 and division KS2 worksheets are linked below in the following sections. They are broken up by year group, however there is some crossover content that is applicable for all year groups 2-6 such as:

Year 2 division worksheets

Our Year 2 division worksheets focus on laying the groundwork of basic division skills. These simple division worksheets are a great way to introduce division of whole numbers in your Year 2 classroom.

Year 3 division worksheets

In Year 3, students begin to expand their division skills, using 2-digit divisors as well as looking at the inverse relationship between division facts and the times tables. 

Year 4 division worksheets

Help your students to solidify their knowledge of multiplication and division fact families with this set of Year 4 division practice worksheets. 

Year 5 division worksheets

Assess your students’ knowledge so far with a quick division test. In Year 5, students dive into division of 4 digit numbers as well as place value and dividing decimal numbers. 

Year 6 division worksheets

Year 6 means SATs prep and consolidating Key Stage 1 and 2 learning. These Year 6 worksheets are perfect for connecting all the dots of the maths curriculum combining addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

SATs division worksheets

Need to strengthen your students’ division skills before SATs? Take a look at our SATs multiplication and division revision packs, covering topics such as the long division method, short division problems and division word problems. 

Any more resources?

We hope these resources will be a valuable addition to your division teaching tool kit. For more support, take a look at our whole school resources which include our online, one-to-one maths tuition programmes. 

Personalised to the needs of each individual student, our Third Space Learning’s online maths tutoring is an effective way to support students and fill learning gaps. 

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Example of a Year 4 division Third Space Learning online tuition slide

If you’re after more printable maths resources, you can also find out more about why thousands of teachers across the country love the Third Space Maths Hub and the comprehensive library of resources it offers. 

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Multiplication and Division Diagnostic Quiz

Multiplication and Division Diagnostic Quiz

Download this free multiplication and division diagnostic quiz to gain insight into your class' abilities.

Download Free Now!

Multiplication and Division Diagnostic Quiz

Downloadable resource

Download this free multiplication and division diagnostic quiz to gain insight into your class' abilities.

Download Free Now!