Over the last three years our SATs results haven’t been great and we were really looking for something that could fill a gap

The SATs results for our pupil premium children have historically been very low, and we were really looking for something that could fill a gap. We’d been trying to do other interventions, both in-school and SEN type interventions, but we wanted something that could focus on children whatever their level of prior attainment. So that’s why we went with TSL and the diagnostic side that went with it, as even in the early stages it’s something that helps you track where children are at and it gives a human link to it.

Teachers fed back to me to say how children who weren’t so sure (about maths) were seeing improvement in classroom interactions after Third Space sessions

Over the past 3-4 years, as a school we’ve been trying to do more in the way of reasoning and dialogue and Third Space goes hand-in-hand with this. When we first used it, as a school we weren’t so proactive in using that dialogue and level of engagement when talking. However, over the last couple of years teachers have fed back to me to say how children who weren’t so sure initially were seeing improvements in the way they were interacting in class time after sessions which was a good thing!

Maths progress has improved a lot, and we’ve gone from something like 40% ARE to 70% ARE this year!

After breaking down the results of our children who used TSL, 73% got ARE, and for the ones that didn’t we knew it was going to be quite a challenge for them before we began. Their progress score was at a positive which is brilliant! It was in-line with the national average, and our average calculation score for the first paper went up from around 12 to 30 in the SATs score!

One girl really struggled with maths, but she became one of our big TSL success stories!

There was one girl who really struggled, and she struggled all of the time. She wasn’t unmotivated, but I think she just got a little demoralised about maths and just wasn’t getting it. She did TSL sessions in Year 5 and Year 6, and I think that just having someone to talk it through with her at her pace was great. She used to love it, often talking about when TSL was coming. She was one of our big success stories in that she did get her expected in maths which she was so proud of (and a good score at that), because it all suddenly just clicked.