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Diagnostic Assessment


Personalised learning where each pupil needs it most

The best way for pupils to make progress in maths is through regular opportunities to practise the topics they struggle most with.

But diagnosing and plugging individual gaps isn’t easy in a class of 30.

All Third Space Learning maths tutoring programmes are guided by diagnostic assessment, ensuring a completely personalised journey to maths success.

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“The diagnostic assessment programme is really great and useful. Although it personalises the lessons to the specific pupil, it still allows us to have input and we really enjoyed that flexibility.”

St Paul's Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

Lindsey Lynd, Deputy Headteacher

St Paul’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool

Diagnostic Assessment

Intelligent in-built assessment

To give every pupil the support they need, schools need a way to pinpoint each pupil’s individual needs and a collection of teaching materials mapped to each gap.

Each Third Space Learner completes an initial assessment before their first session. For every diagnosable gap, there is a specially-created one to one tutoring lesson designed specifically to plug that gap.

Diagnostic Assessment

Carefully designed questions

Each assessment question is multiple-choice, with one right answer and three deliberate distractors.

This means we can not only identify individual gaps, but the specific misconception behind the gap.

Diagnostic Assessment

Aligned to classroom teaching

In our experience providing one to one maths support to over 3,000 schools, tutoring is most effective when it’s personalised and aligned with what pupils are learning in class.

That’s why we give you the opportunity to pick priority topics before each pupil sits their diagnostic assessment.

You can also choose for lessons to be selected automatically each week to plug their gaps, or if you’d prefer to select lessons from our curriculum each week.

Diagnostic Assessment

Powered by Assessment for Learning

We know personalised learning goes beyond just selecting the right lesson for the right pupil; pupils also need to be guided through each lesson at the appropriate pitch and pace.

That’s why tutors ask questions throughout the session to understand each pupil’s understanding of the concept they’re learning and adapt their teaching accordingly.

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