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How To Run A SATs Parent’s Evening: Free Year 6 SATs 2022 Parents’ Meeting PowerPoint

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of school closures and an extended period of home learning during the coronavirus lockdown English primary school pupils did not take their 2020 SATs tests; SATs 2021 were also cancelled. SATs 2022 are going ahead as usual.

Many of you are probably getting your Year 6 SATs parents’ meeting PowerPoints ready. But wait! We’ve saved you the time by putting together a presentation full of SATs information for parents, all about the KS2 assessments.

We took on board feedback from a number of current and former Year 6 teachers to make sure parents could get the most from our SATs PowerPoint, and as a result it covers everything an inquisitive parent could possibly want to know about the tests that their child will be sitting come May.

Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting PowerPoint

Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting PowerPoint

Download a free PowerPoint you can share with parents at your school to help them understand everything about SATs!

When we were putting together our presentation, we knew that certain key information about the Year 6 SATS for parents would be essential, including:

• What SATs stands for;

• The dates for the SATs;

• When and how the different papers are set;

• Arrangements for children with additional needs;

• What types of results are reported and how they are reported;

• Example questions for Papers 1 and 2 for English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling;

• When the English Reading paper is due to take place;

• Explanation of the types of questions posed in the English Reading paper;

• Example questions from an English Reading past paper;

• When Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) is due to take place and example questions;

• When Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) Is due to take place and example questions; and,

• When Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) is due to take place and example questions.

Our Year 6 SATs parents’ meeting PowerPoint closes with advice for parents on how they can best support their children in the run-up to SATs week, with a particular focus on wellbeing, and advice for the children which is of course not to worry, to try their best and to remember that SATs week is only one week!

If you use our Year 6 SATs parents’ meeting presentation, you will be able to offer the advice contained within this post in a clear and presentable fashion.

Examples Of The Information That Can Be Found Within The Year 6 SATs Parents’ Meeting PowerPoint

There is a lot of SATs information for parents included within this convenient PowerPoint, but to show you what can be expected when you download it, here is a taster of what is inside!

What Are The SATs?

SATs is a term people use to refer to End of Key Stage 2 Assessments. It stands for Statutory Assessment Tests.

When Do The SATs Take Place In 2022?

The SATs testing period 2022 lasts for four days beginning on Monday 9th May 2022 and ending on Thursday 12th May 2022.

What Papers Will Children Take?

Children will sit the following SATs papers:

  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Paper 1) – Monday 9th May 2022;
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Paper 2) – Monday 9th May 2022;
  • Reading – Tuesday 10th May 2022;
  • Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) – Wednesday 11th May 2022;
  • Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) – Wednesday 11th May 2022;
  • Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) – Thursday 12th May 2022.

What Isn’t Assessed Using Formal SATs Papers In 2022?

In addition to the 6 papers for Year 6, there is a teaching assessment element to establish a ‘Writing’ score. Some schools will be chosen for Science sampling and will also sit a KS2 Science SATs Paper in 2022.

When And How The SATs Are Carried Out:

• The tests will take place during normal school hours, under exam conditions;

• Children are not allowed to talk to each other from the moment the assessments are handed out until they are collected after the test has ended;

• Afterwards, the completed papers are sent away to be marked externally;

• The children’s results are sent back to school at some point in July;

• The standard timings of tests differ but last no more than 60 minutes:
– Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Paper 1) – 45 minutes;
– Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Paper 2) – 15 minutes;
– Reading – 60 minutes;
– Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) – 30 minutes;
– Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes;
– Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) – 40 minutes.

Specific Arrangements For Children With Additional Needs:

Children with additional needs, who have a similar provision in their day-to-day learning at school, may be allotted specific arrangements, including:

• Additional (extra) time;

• Tests being opened early to be modified;

• An adult to read for them;

• An adult to scribe (write) for them;

• Written or spoken translations of the mathematics reasoning papers;

• The use of prompts or rest breaks;

• Arrangements for children who are ill or injured at the time of the tests.

Helping You Give Parents A Look At Past SATs Papers

Our PowerPoint for Year 6 SATs parents’ meetings also displays a number of example questions for parents to see the sort of content children will face across the various papers.

SATs 2022 Example Question Image
Example questions from English, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper

Some example questions from English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Paper 1)

Our SATs presentation also demonstrates the types of questions (and answering styles) required in the Year 6 English Reading Paper:

SATs 2022 Reading Example Image
Slide showing an example question and answering styles

As well as give information about the dates, times and timings for each of the three Year 6 Maths SATs papers, we have included example questions for parents to work through (if you dare) during the parents’ information evening.

SATs 2022 Example Question Image
An Example question of Q7 and 8 from a Sample Maths Paper

We found teachers were also interested in showing parents some different examples of reasoning questions posed across the two reasoning papers, Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning) and Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning), so we have included them within the Powerpoint.

SATs 2022 Example Question with solution image
An example question (with solution) of Q18 from Sample Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)

The PowerPoint Also Reminds Parents That It Is Important To Show Support Throughout The SATs

Although much of the presentation is to do with administration and the skills and knowledge required of the children for the SATs, the PowerPoint finishes with advice for parents on supporting their child in the run-up to their assessments.

We have focused particularly on the wellbeing of the children, as we know as well as you that exams can result in stress and anxiety in some children.

SATs 2022 Image of a slide advising parents how to prepare their children for SATs
One of the slides advising parents of how best to support their children as they prepare and take their End of KS2 Assessments.

The Year 6 SATs parents’ meeting PowerPoint closes with advice for Year 6 children – with a lovely suggestion from a former Year 6 and current Year 7 pupil! The mental wellbeing of children is of the utmost importance throughout the entire school year, but during the SATs period the stresses and strains that come alongside assessments can really come to the fore. This is why we have included this section, to help parents understand and overcome any stress-related issues that may occur due to SATs.

SATs 2022 Image of a slide advising Year 6 pupils about their SATs.
One of the slides directed at Year 6 pupils, offering advice for their SATs

Everything you will need to prepare for your Year 6 SATs parents’ meeting can be found in this PowerPoint, so make sure you share it around with other Year 6 teachers as we all know that sharing is most certainly caring in the education world!

How Third Space Learning Helps Schools Prepare For SATs

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SATs revision lesson slide
Third Space Learning online SATs lesson slide

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Read more about preparation for SATs:

Or, alternatively find out everything about the SATs 2022 now that the 2021 SATs have been called off, and SATs 2020 did not take place.

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Alexander Athienitis
Alexander Athienitis
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Alexander was most recently a Year 6 teacher in Tower Hamlets. He is working on developing the Maths Hub and sharing the power of 1-to-1 interventions via Third Space Learning's social media channels.
Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting PowerPoint

Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting PowerPoint

Download a free PowerPoint you can share with parents at your school to help them understand everything about SATs!

Download Free Now!

Year 6 SATs Parents' Meeting PowerPoint

Downloadable resource

Download a free PowerPoint you can share with parents at your school to help them understand everything about SATs!

Download Free Now!

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