Developing fluency in schools

Fluency is key to succeeding at maths. It allows pupils to recall mathematical facts and concepts quickly and accurately.

True fluency means being able to apply concepts using appropriate methods.

Pupils develop fluency through mathematical thinking and conversations with one to one support from Third Space Learning tutors.

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“We have found the tutoring has had a huge impact on our pupils’ fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills as the sessions are always tailored to their specific needs.”

Knockhall Primary School, Kent


Knockhall Primary School, Kent

Pre-teaching for fluency

Often, there are pupils that need pre-teaching to develop quick and accurate recall. This helps them to access maths in whole class learning.

Pupils complete a diagnostic assessment to identify the areas they struggle with most. Practising these concepts with a one to one tutor helps to improve fluency and make whole class learning more accessible.

Watch a video in action
Fluency in action

Fluency in action

Fluency enables pupils to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations. It enables the use of maths in everyday life.

That’s why Third Space Learners practice mathematical concepts in a range of contexts. Alongside support from maths specialist tutors, this builds confidence and secures knowledge.

Fluency in context

We understand that trying to achieve fluency in maths is not always a linear process and can be challenging in whole class teaching.

That’s why each Third Space Learner embarks on their own personalised learning journey, recapping lessons and linking to real life examples.

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Fluency through repetition

Fluency through repetition

For many pupils, repetition is key to developing fluency. But there isn’t always time to repeat concepts through whole class teaching.

One to one tutoring provides time for the repetition of concepts for pupils who need it. Without slowing down whole class progress.

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