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Simultaneous one to one teaching


Teachers are superheroes, but you can’t be in multiple places at once

Tailoring lessons to suit each unique student and ability is challenging and often requires more than one teacher.

Not to mention the impact it has on staff workload.

Third Space Learning delivers personalised one to one tutoring to multiple pupils at once, aiding their progression and confidence in maths.

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“Third Space learning tutoring is tailored to individuals which is so valuable and addresses their gaps. Something that is hard to do simultaneously and 100% successfully in a whole class environment”

Wembdon St George's Church School

Kate Kennedy, Year 6 Teacher,

Wembdon St George’s Church School

Plugging knowledge gaps

Plugging knowledge gaps

Pitching a lesson to 30 children who vary in ability is no easy task. Pupils often require differentiated teaching which can be difficult to achieve through whole class teaching. Third Space Learning’s diagnostic assessment allows each pupil’s unique learning gaps to be identified and targeted simultaneously by their personal one to one tutor.

Personalised learning pace

Personalised learning pace

An overflowing National Curriculum makes it challenging to revisit mathematical concepts once the lesson has passed. For some pupils, this lack of repetition results in ever-growing learning gaps. Multiple pupils can learn simultaneously, but each at their own pace, through one to one tutoring. Each child’s personal tutor adapts the pace of learning to suit the individual, improving knowledge retention.

Real-time feedback for multiple pupils

Real-time feedback for multiple pupils

It’s impossible to work one to one with each child during every lesson, address misconceptions and provide in-depth, personalised feedback. Simultaneous one to one tutoring means many pupils are able to receive individual feedback in real-time whilst addressing misconceptions; consequently, closing attainment gaps.

Increased focus

Increased focus

When pupils are unable to access learning, their concentration quickly vanishes and they lose focus. In turn, this widens gaps in knowledge and the already growing attainment gap. Pupils are able to access the concepts they require help with through simultaneous one to one tutoring, increasing focus and closing the attainment gap for multiple pupils simultaneously.

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