Developing confidence in maths through meaningful relationships

Pupils feeling seen and heard in school is essential for a positive learning environment.

Building rapport with pupils is key to maximising learning.

Every pupil is at the heart of the learning each step of their maths journey with Third Space Learning.

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“The tutors spend a lot of time getting to know the children to understand what motivates them, this makes them feel really special and it helps develop a rapport.”

Sythwood Primary School

Nicola Wilmhurst, Deputy Headteacher,

Sythwood Primary School


Learning in a safe space

Pupils can become easily discouraged when asking and answering maths questions, particularly if they fear getting the answer wrong.

Building rapport between each individual learner and their tutor increases pupils’ confidence and encourages mathematical dialogue – even when pupils are unsure of the answer.


Increased motivation and participation

When pupils feel disconnected from their educators, they can become disengaged with the learning and the attainment gap grows.

Rapport between pupils and tutors encourages pupils to actively participate during their one to one tutoring sessions, helping to close the maths attainment gap.


Increased enjoyment

If a child does not enjoy the learning, they are unlikely to engage and retain new knowledge.

Pupils’ interests are noted by Third Space Learning tutors who make connections between interests and learning. In turn, this creates enjoyable sessions and encourages pupils to participate enthusiastically and retain the concepts covered.


Building trust

Maintaining positive relationships, at all times, with a class of 30 pupils can be challenging.

Short bursts of one to one learning with a tutor pupils builds trust and helps to promote progress in the areas pupils struggle with most.

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