Feedback and reviews of Third Space Learning from the first week of over 6000 pupils in 500 schools receiving our 1-to-1 Key Stage 2 Maths intervention.

It’s a tense time for everyone, the first one-to-one Maths tuition lessons with Third Space Learning. Will the pupils enjoy it? Will they kick off their Maths to a good start? Will we be able to ensure that all 6000 pupils get to the right lessons with the right tutors at the right times. And that’s even before we’ve considered whether the technology or the school wifi will let us down.

On top of that we now employ over 400 Maths specialist tutors trained specifically to deliver personalised Key Stage 2 maths interventions, and for many of these tutors it was their first lesson too. So it’s safe to say we spent most of last week in a state of high excitement, talking to the schools, talking to the tutors, and just generally ensuring everything went as smoothly as it could. And for the most part, give or take a few unplugged headsets, it did!

School reviews and feedback on social media

We love hearing from schools we work with and often do on social media. If you’re currently using Third Space Learning in your primary classroom, why not share your experience with us, especially photos and video clips? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for loads of free resources and blog posts covering the topics you have questions on (did you see this one, our most popular blog post ever 15 insights from KS2 SATs results to change how you teach Maths!)

Let’s start with one of our favourites from Eagles Year 6 at Estcourt Primary Academy.

Warden House are using our Year 6 SATs booster (now sold out, sorry but still places on our Maths Intervention Programme for next term…) and their first lesson was on problem solving strategies. They’ve decided to use Third Space to help their pupil premium pupils who need a bit of a boost to meet age related expectations.

Warden House Primary heard about Third Space Learning after attending one of our showcases at Aldington Primary School in Ashford. Warden House felt Maths was their weakest subject at school, particularly in Year 6 and with no formal Maths intervention in place beforehand, they’ve got high hopes about what our Maths specialists should be able to achieve over the next 14 weeks.

We also heard from Simpson’s Lane Academy who have put 25 pupils, every Friday afternoon on our Year 6 SATs Booster. They are located in between Doncaster and Leeds and have high levels of deprivation, with over 70% of their pupils being eligible for free school meals. They are targeting Year 6 pupils who are working below age related expectations and are looking to build their problem solving strategies.

A few of Simpson’s Lane pupils had great things to say about their Maths specialist tutors:

Sienna: “My tutor was kind to me and understood what I was doing”

Craig: “It helps me with my fractions!”

Learning to overcome Maths challenges

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Luton and St. Paul’s CE Primary in Bolton shared their Year 6 pupils’ first experience with Third Space Learning and we spotted lots of concentration taking place! Both schools are using our Maths specialists for their Year 6s in preparation for SATs 2017 and improved results.

St Mary’s in Luton is a 1 form school, with 36% of pupils on pupil premium and 27% who qualify for free school meals. They’ve chosen to put half the class, 15 pupils on Third Space Learning. There are currently gaps in learning and knowledge, with place value being especially poor. Many pupils were falling behind because of a lack of confidence and parental attitude to Maths can be poor. The goal for St Mary’s? Enthusiasm, confidence and for pupils to feel like they can overcome a Maths challenge.

St Paul’s CE in Bolton have 12 pupils using Third Space Learning and have worked with us since September 2015. We were lucky enough to hear from their pupils themselves!

Jannat “I learnt useful tips for SATs and it was fun”

Fatima “I understood everything and the tutor helped and supported me”

We often hear from our schools how easy it is to get set up and started with the 1-to-1 Maths tuition. We send everything you’ll need for the term, from headphones to teacher guides on using the website and some pencils for the pupils as an extra bonus! We also provide a troubleshooting guide for running sessions and are on hand if anything goes wrong.

Looking to run your own 1-to-1 (or small group) Maths intervention? Download our free guide now

Intervention aids free

Third Space Learning Guide to Effective 1-to-1 Interventions

How to plan, manage and teach 1-to-1 and small group KS2 Maths interventions to make best use of the resources you have

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Making accelerated progress at Key Stage 2

Regardless of the year group or pupils, all of our schools are looking to make accelerated progress, much like Fieldhead Primary Academy in Batley who began using Third Space in January 2017. They’ve put 13 children on Third Space Learning and 11 are pupil premium pupils (as are over 50% of the pupils we support). The goal for Fieldhead is for their Year 6 pupils to reach expectations and develop reasoning skills. Sounds good to us!

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Our schools have pupils who need extra support to reach their full potential by the end of Year 6. Some may always have struggled with Maths, for some progress has slowed in the transition from Year 5 to Year 6 and some may just lack the confidence to tackle worded problems. Whatever the reason, these pupils’ learning gaps and needs were pre assessed and specifically targeted during their first lesson with our tutors working to raise attainment and build confidence through online lessons…which is an exciting and new experience for many!

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The experience of an online Maths lesson is a unique experience and many of our schools report that pupils feel more comfortable working with their tutor 1-to-1, than they would in a classroom, filled with their peers. Schools always tell us how much the ‘Maths talk’ has improved, as pupils are constantly verbalising and explaining their thought process to their Maths specialist tutors. Improved Mathematical fluency is is a great way to check on pupils’ understanding of specific KS2 Maths concepts, while encouraging children to actively participate in their own learning of important ideas. We believe when pupils have a positive outlook on Maths, the possibilities are endless!

Growth Mindset

It’s key to our philosophy of one-to-one teaching that we help to develop pupils’ growth mindset as well as their Maths knowledge and skills. Progress in Maths is not always smooth! Setbacks will occur, but if pupils can learn to cherish their mistakes and learn from them, they will be much better equipped to tackle the next challenge. We encourage pupils to tackle activities just within their ZPD and thus build their resilience – this is especially important at a time when they’ll be presented with lots of different questions, many of which may initially appear quite daunting. Growth Mindset training is part of all our tutors’ training and CPD and we love to see the results.

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What next?

We’d be the first to say that success in Maths is not all about the SATs. It’s our belief that establishing good Maths habits and mindset early on at school can help to embed concepts and prevent the learning gaps that then need to be filled in Year 6. If you would like to discuss how we can support your pupils in Maths from April, please call us on 0203 771 0095 or sign up for more information on our Schools Page.

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