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Third Space Learning's high-quality primary school tuition is proven to help children succeed in maths. Used and recommended by thousands of teachers and senior leaders across the UK, the online lessons with a personal tutor are both fun and targeted to the needs of the child.

Third Space Learning Testimonials

Third Space Learning provides focused one to one tuition that is specific to each child's individual needs.
Tony Weir, Deputy Headteacher, St Johns Church of England, Clifton

Third Space Learning Testimonials

Why is primary school tuition so effective?

Tuition at primary school is generally used for one of two purposes:

  • To plug gaps that have emerged, consolidate understanding and build confidence in maths or English.
  • To accelerate a child’s learning with a more personalised programme of maths or English lessons.

The earlier a child can be supported in their learning the greater the impact of the tuition – which is why we recommend starting at primary school age rather than waiting till GCSE or A level.

One to one tuition is a popular choice for many schools because lessons can be targeted entirely to each individual child’s gaps. According to studies by the leading educational research centre the Education Endowment Foundation, one to one tuition can add up to 5 months’ progress to a child’s learning.

Trusted primary school tutors with years of teaching experience

Here’s how it works

Primary school tuition in school

  1. Schools choose which pupils they’d like to support with online tuition. The majority of our primary schools use the tuition to support 6-12 year olds eligible for Pupil Premium.
  2. Pupils start with an online diagnostic assessment to identify learning gaps and identify the most appropriate sequence of lessons for their educational needs. All assessments and lessons are designed in line with the primary maths curriculum.
  3. Each pupil receives their own personal Third Space Tutor for weekly tutoring sessions in our online learning environment. All tutors are background checked (DBS-equivalent) and undergo our high-quality training programme.
  4. Teachers receive regular progress reports to understand pupil progress and inform their own in class planning and teaching.
  5. Schools also receive full access for all staff to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub of primary level resources. This includes a full mastery scheme of learning, ready to go lesson slides aligned with White Rose, Fluent in Five, Rapid Reasoning, CPD videos for all staff and much more.

Why thousands of teachers and senior leaders choose Third Space Learning

The Third Space Learning model of primary school tuition has been developed over several years. Each pupil connects to their own personal qualified teacher who has been specially trained to teach online maths lessons to children from 6 to 12 years old.

Each pupil follows a bespoke sequence of lessons following the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 primary maths national curriculum and aligned to their year group. Teachers are kept in control and up to date at every step of the way, making sure the online tuition is in line with their schoolwork.

Schools choose with pupils they’d like to support, with most schools choosing pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, making private tuition no longer only an option for those families that afford a private tutor or home tutoring.

By working closely to plug gaps, secure core concepts and build confidence with their own personal tutor, pupils progress faster and, in turn, are better equipped for the challenges ahead, whether that’s entrance exams, secondary schools, grammar schools, GCSEs or A-levels.

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