Boosting Progress In Maths With One To One Tuition

Third Space Learning's high quality online tuition is proven to help children succeed in maths. Our one to one tuition is used and recommended by thousands of teachers and parents across the UK.

Third Space Learning Testimonials

It enables pupils to have a concentrated time with an individual tutor. I notice how focused these children are within their sessions when in class they are so easily distracted.
Jean James, Weston Hills CofE Primary School

Third Space Learning Testimonials

Why is one to one tuition so effective?

According to studies by the Education Endowment Foundation, one-to-one tuition is one of the best ways to boost pupil progress in maths.

Having a high-quality teacher giving a pupil their full attention provides the opportunity for individual learning at each pupil’s own pace, helping to ensure they’ve understood each topic before moving on to the next.

At primary school, when pupils are learning lots of new concepts for the first time, one-to-one support reduces the risk of pupils falling further behind if they don’t quite understand a topic. At secondary school and as pupils move up through GCSEs and onto A-levels, one-to-one tuition gives pupils the time to take on everything they’re learning and prepare for the challenges ahead.

However, traditional one-to-one learning is often expensive and difficult to organise.

That’s where Third Space Learning’s online one-to-one tuition comes in.

With online tuition from Third Space Learning, pupils connect with their own personal high-quality maths tutor in our interactive one-to-one learning environment. All of our tutors are specially trained to deliver the English national curriculum to key stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils, helping to boost progress, improve numeracy skills and build each child’s confidence.

Why parents and teachers choose one-to-one tuition

Here’s how our one to one tuition works

One to one maths interventions in schools

  1. Schools choose which pupils they’d like to support with one to one teaching. The majority of our schools use the tuition to support pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.
  2. Pupils start with an online diagnostic assessment to identify learning gaps and identify the most appropriate sequence of lessons.
  3. Each pupil receives their own personal Third Space Tutor for weekly lessons in our online learning environment. All tutors are background checked (DBS-equivalent) and undergo our high-quality training programme.
  4. Teachers receive regular progress reports to understand pupil progress and inform their own in-class planning and teaching.
  5. All staff receive access to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub, including hundreds of maths resources that can be used by Teaching Assistants right up to Senior Leaders.

One to one maths tuition at home

  1. Parents select their preferred lesson length, frequency and schedule.
  2. Children take a short online test to help us understand their maths level.
  3. We match them up with their own personal tutor for regular maths lessons in our online classroom.
  4. We provide plenty of additional maths activities to keep children engaged between lessons.
  5. The Parent Portal helps parents understand pupil progress and view, edit or reschedule upcoming lessons. Whilst lessons are perfect in place of summer school, we understand parents may wish to give their children a break, so pausing parent subscriptions is quick and easy.

Why thousands of schools and parents choose online one-to-one tuition

One to one learning is difficult to fit into already busy school timetables, especially at secondary school. Even small group tuition can prove challenging for schools to provide. It’s also often delivered by Teaching Assistants who might not necessarily be maths specialists, but finding the budget for a specialist full-time maths teacher to deliver high-quality tuition is almost impossible for even the most well-funded schools.

For parents, private tuition can be expensive, with some private tutors charging up to £50 per one-hour session. For those who have found an affordable tutor, it’s often difficult to fit this in with busy after school schedules.

With online tuition, lessons are more flexible, easier to organise and much more affordable. Third Space Learning’s online tuition takes place at a day and time that suits you best, schedules can easily be changed or delayed and prices start from just £9.99 per lesson. For schools, up to 15 pupils can receive a personalised one-to-one lesson at once, making it much easier to fit into the school day.

One To One Tuition FAQs

What does one to one tuition mean?

One to one tuition means one tutor teaching one student. It can be done face to face or online, in any subject, but it must involve a real tutor teaching an individual lesson, ideally, a personalised one, to one student. The most popular subject for one to one tuition, and the one that students ask for time and again, is maths. This is why at Third Space Learning, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering one to one tuition in maths for children of all ages.

Does extra tutoring help students?

Extra tutoring has been proven to help students in numerous trials. However, the impact of any extra tutoring of course depends on the quality of the tuition. One to one tuition is acknowledged to be the most effective form of tutoring. In an independent trial, pupils receiving Third Space Learning one to one tuition made 7 months' progress in 14 weeks.

Is one to one tuition allowed?

During lockdown, and even when restrictions have eased, the government's advice has consistently been 'find digital or remote alternatives'. Third Space Learning has always provided our one to one tuition online. We have developed the digital tools and teaching approach that best suits one to one tuition in this environment, which is why we believe we can offer the best one to one tuition for children and young people. More guidance is available from the government coronavirus pages (

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