Primary School Maths Tutors Trained To Teach 5 to 12 Year olds

Third Space Learning’s primary school maths tutors have successfully taught over 60,000 primary school pupils. We are the biggest primary school tutoring organisation, and, on average, pupils achieve their maths goals in half the time when studying with us.

Third Space Learning Testimonials

Children love Third Space, it really supports what they do in class. The fact they have to speak with their own primary school maths tutor and explain their reasoning helps to develop confidence and their use of mathematical vocabulary.
Karyn Astle, Deputy Headteacher, Buckingham Park Primary School

Third Space Learning Testimonials

How is a Third Space Learning primary school maths tutor different?

Unlike most tuition businesses, we don’t teach all subjects at all levels. We would not be your choice for a science tutor or an English tutor. Our tutors are specialists. They specialise purely in teaching primary school maths.

Pupils are taught a programme of curriculum maths lessons closely matched to the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 national curriculum. The tutors who teach this curriculum have been professionally trained and target each lesson directly to the needs of each child.

Tutors also work hard to build a rapport with students, personalising the lesson to their ability and to their interests.

The results you can expect from our primary school maths tutors

Here’s how our in schools and at home maths tutoring work

Online maths interventions in primary schools

  1. Schools select their target pupils for one to one teaching. The majority of our primary schools use this private tuition to support pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.
  2. Pupils start with an online diagnostic assessment to identify learning gaps and we then recommend the most appropriate sequence of lessons for them (which teachers can agree to or override).
  3. Each pupil receives their own personal Third Space tutor for weekly lessons in our online classroom. All tutors are background checked (DBS-equivalent) and go through an intensive period of training with us.
  4. The pupil’s primary teacher in the classroom receives regular progress reports for each pupil to ensure that the work in the one to one lessons aligns with what’s happening at school. The reports also identify personal learning needs for each child in Maths and how Third Space is addressing them.
  5. Schools who sign up for the primary school tuition programme also receive full access for all staff to the Third Space Learning Maths Hub of maths mastery resources including Fluent in Five and White Rose Maths lesson slides.

Maths tuition for your kids at home

  1. You select the day and time each week that you want your child’s home tuition to take place. We connect your child with the right tutor for their school aged and requirements.
  2. Your child logs on and is connected to their own personal primary maths teacher who is a trained expert in the KS2 maths National Curriculum.
  3. Together tutor and child work through questions in our online classroom with the tutor abler to visually explain concepts in order to plug any knowledge gaps and help your child gain a solid understanding of each topic.
  4. You are kept up to date through weekly reports and can reschedule, or add additional lessons in your own parent portal.

FAQs About Our Primary School Maths Tutors

Are your primary school maths tutors qualified teachers?

All of our primary school maths tutors complete our Global Tutor Training Programme. This provides specific training to teach one-to-one online lessons in maths following the English National Curriculum. Most of our primary maths tuition is delivered by full time one to one tutors with several years of experience.

What age is recommended for primary school maths tuition

Our specialist primary maths tutors only teach online maths lessons to pupils in years 2 to 6 or to pupils in year 7 who have outstanding gaps from Key Stage 2. Our GCSE maths programme will be available from January and we hope to offer support for A-level maths in the near future.

Do you offer exam revision programmes?

We currently offer a specific Key Stage 2 SATs revision programme for both schools and parents and are launching a brand new GCSE revision programme in January. For GCSE-level students, our maths programme will include private tutors teaching online maths lessons suitable for all exam boards; AQA, Edexcel and OCR. We do not offer university-level maths tuition.

Which curriculum do your maths tutors follow?

All online maths lessons follow the English National Curriculum in a structured progression. If you have a specific requests such as a wish for any child to work on specific topics such as algebra, fractions or decimals we can create a bespoke journey around this.

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