The 15 Best Education Podcasts Every UK Teacher Should Listen To In 2024

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of podcasts aimed at teachers and school leaders. These podcasts offer the busy educator a way of continuing their own professional development in a format that is informal, flexible and engaging. 

Whilst teaching blogs are one of them most popular forms of free CPD, teacher podcasts are becoming increasingly popular too as they engage in another way, are easy to find and cover a variety of topics from teaching strategies, to the cult of pedagogy and educational technology. If you have a thirst to drive your own CPD, you can always find an education podcast that covers it. And best of all, they’re free. 

Teacher podcasts don’t have to be dull, boring and serious. The best podcasts out there are entertaining, engaging and funny! There will be ones that make you chuckle, laugh out loud and shine on the truth for teachers whilst providing high-quality CPD and valuing teacher wellbeing.

How we chose our list of the 15 best education podcasts

We’ve chosen a blend of practical tips rooted in the classroom with more theoretical pedagogical insights from thought leaders. 

We encourage you to include educational podcasts like these in your teacher toolkit, alongside your favourite blogs for teachers. Just as you would with any valuable resource, feel free to share the list on social media or your CPD noticeboard in the staffroom.

You’ll find a mix of primary and secondary here, but the few subject-specific podcasts we’ve included tend to have a maths focus just because that’s where Third Space Learning’s expertise lies. 

To make this easier for you we’ve included here a free downloadable one pager of the list.  

1. Thinking Deeply about Primary Education (‘TDAPE’)

Hosted by Primary Mathematics Specialist, Kieran Mackle, this excellent podcast covers a wide range of interesting themes, with a mixture of both regular and ‘one-off’ guests. 

This podcast offers authentic perspectives from teachers and leaders in the field, covering a wide range of topics with an evidence-informed approach with regular new episodes and notable guests like Christopher Such and Neil Almond.

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2. Mind the Gap: Making Education Work Across the Globe

Mind the Gap brings together the excellent minds of Emma Turner and Tom Sherrington – both educational authors with a wealth of experience in school leadership and teaching. 

The focus of this podcast is on looking at evidence-informed approaches to closing the gap in education systems.

3. Teacher Hug Radio

Teacher Hug Radio is an online radio station for the education community, driven by inclusive values. You can listen to Teacher Hug live, or you can listen back to specific shows at a later date.

  • Who it’s for: anyone looking for supportive and uplifting stories in the education community. 
  • Why it’s worth listening to: with a focus on teacher well-being, mental health, and growth mindset, it features a diverse team of professionals, including behaviour expert Paul Dix, early years specialist Ruth Swailes, writer and speaker Hywel Roberts, and UK ambassador for happiness Action Jackson.
  • Average episode length: 30-60 minutes.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Episode 01: Anne Marie Christian with Jaz Ampaw Farr – EVERYDAY HEROES.

4. Mr Barton Maths podcast

Maths specialist Craig Barton is the man behind two different podcasts on our list. The first – ‘Mr Barton Maths Podcast’ – is where Craig interviews guests from the world of education who interest and inspire him. 

Podcast guests include both leaders of Mathematics in schools, as well as pioneers of the Maths world such as Bruno Reddy, creator of Times Table Rockstars! 

See also from Third Space Learning: Series of articles inspired by Craig Barton’s book How I wish I’d Taught Maths, including:

best education podcasts - Mr Barton Maths podcast

5. Tips for teachers – Craig Barton

With slightly shorter episodes than Craig’s original podcast, ‘Tips for Teachers’ aims to ‘supercharge your teaching’, one idea at a time. In each episode, guests share five tips for any aspect of life as a teacher, including planning, assessment, talking to parents and more.

6. The Evidence-Based Education Podcast

The team at Evidence-Based Education discuss key issues in the field such as how the gaps between policy, research and practice can be bridged, and how good practice in all three areas can have a positive impact on pupil outcomes.

The podcast empathizes with teachers’ workload challenges, conducting research to identify effective school approaches. With Prof Dr Stuart Kime, Jack Deverson, and Rob Coe on the team, the podcast shares experience on essential tools, great teaching elements, and effective teaching methods.

  • Who it’s for: anyone interested in evidence-based practice and how educational research applies to school work as well as teachers or school leaders in the classroom.
  • Why it’s worth listening to: it helps teachers become evidence-informed practitioners in an engaging format. It offers fresh perspectives on topics like behaviour management and retrieval practice, featuring education experts such as Adam Boxer and Kate Jones. With valuable evidence, evaluation, and practical insights, it’s worth keeping a notebook handy to jot down impactful ideas for your classroom.
  • Average episode length: 30-50mins.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Classroom Management.

7. Teachers Talk Radio

Teachers Talk Radio, is a community radio station for teachers and educators. Having been a guest myself, I can attest to its unique blend of knowledge and lightheartedness. The station covers a wide range of trending topics, and even though the podcast episodes may not always be new, its relevance to the present is an advantage.

Teacher Talk Radio, led by founder Tom Rogers, is the UK’s largest platform for educators, with an expanding international audience. With over 30 passionate volunteer teacher hosts like Maud Waret, Nathan Gynn, and Shaniqua Edwards-Hayde, this podcast stands out because over 80% of the hosts are actively teaching. They deep dive into practical insights and discuss current teaching issues, including fascinating topics like teaching in a prison.

  • Who it’s for: teachers and leaders who like to follow current education stories/issues, and enjoy the ‘radio format’. 
  • Why it’s worth listening to: it features a diverse group of hosts who encourage live listener participation. You can actively engage with the show, asking questions and sharing comments. Tom Rogers and the team have created an excellent interactive radio platform.
  • Average episode length: 60-90mins.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Teaching Primary History: The Late Show with Lucy Neuburger

8. The Edtech podcast

Headed up by Sophie Bailey, the mission of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact. 

Led by Sophie Bailey and her team, including the insightful Karine and Rose, this podcast offers in-depth discussions on the issues surrounding educational technology (ed-tech) and its advancements over time, focusing on how it can better serve the teaching community. A notable episode explores the impact of Chat GPT on teachers and school leaders, examining whether it is beneficial or not.

best education podcasts - Edtech podcast

9. Ted Talks Daily

We’ve all heard an inspirational Ted talk at some point or another. Every weekday, TED Talks Daily brings you the latest talks in audio format from inspirational thinkers and leaders across the globe (note: this is a subscription podcast). 

Elise Hu hosts the daily talks and provides thought-provoking content on every subject imaginable – from AI to Zoology! Ted Talks from so many professionals and educators will inspire, challenge our thinking and get us thinking. There is a huge range of topics discussed and it can be uplifting for professional development and wellbeing.

10. PiXL Pearls

PiXL Pearls are short reflections on life and leadership in schools. They aim to inspire, encourage, motivate, and challenge listeners.

In its fourth series, this podcast offers insightful reflections on leadership. Hosted by Rachel Johnson, it serves as a source of encouragement, challenge, and motivation. In a recent episode, Rachel explores the concept of embracing change and shares strategies for creating lasting success in leadership, challenging the notion of maintaining the status quo.

  • Who it’s for: school leaders who appreciate reflective listening.
  • Why it’s worth listening to: the episodes offer valuable insights into effective leadership, benefiting both young people and staff in your schools, drawing on literature, life, and experience to explore the essential qualities of good leadership.
  • Average episode length: 10 mins.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Hard Work

11. Two Mr Ps in a Pod(Cast)

Run by brothers Lee and Adam Parkinson, this podcast is guaranteed to make you giggle. It features entertaining stories and hilarious anecdotes from teachers, guaranteeing laughter. Lee and Adam have created a fantastic podcast to unwind and alleviate worries and stress.

Filled with hilarious stories from teachers, the podcast’s success has led to successful live tours and book publications. Its relatability to teachers makes it a must-listen, as you’ll likely recall funny classroom moments while enjoying the content.

best education podcasts in UK - Two Mr Ps in a pod podcast

12. Naylor’s Natter Podcast ‘Just talking to Teachers’

Hosted by Phil Naylor, this podcast began as a platform for sharing his thoughts on evidence, research, and continuing professional development (CPD). Since its inception in early 2019, the podcast has grown significantly.

For avid readers of educational books, this podcast is a treasure. Phil frequently invites authors to share insights from their latest releases, expanding the podcast’s scope. Despite its simple premise of “just talking to teachers”, Phil has even written a book that reflects the valuable insights gathered from the podcast’s episodes.

  • Who it’s for: across the sector, in particular the secondary practitioner. 
  • Why it’s worth listening to: Phil’s warm personality and exceptional interviewing skills attract brilliant guests who share a plethora of teaching strategies. Listening to guests like Professor John Hattie discussing visible learning and the impact of technology, or reconnecting with Doug Lemov to explore school culture, is truly enlightening.
  • Average episode length: 50-60 mins.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Simplicitus with Emma Turner.  

13. The NCETM Maths Podcast

A regular podcast from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM), exploring areas of interest and debate in the teaching of maths and maths mastery across all school and college phases.

The rich and diverse episodes cover a range of topics, including supporting ECTs, using manipulatives, and teaching maths in special schools. If you aim to enhance mathematics in your school or classroom, this podcast also explores grants available for maths projects from SHINE, with practical examples of how schools have developed their mathematics programs.

  • Who it’s for: teachers wanting to develop their subject/pedagogical knowledge.
  • Why it’s worth listening to: the episodes are conveniently divided into key chapters, allowing listeners to focus on specific topics even when time is limited. Whether you’re interested in exploring cross-curricular connections in mathematics, such as climate change, or improving differentiation in maths lessons, the podcast provides practical insights and teaching ideas.
  • Average episode length: 30 mins.
  • Find it here:
  • Try this episode first: Debbie Morgan discusses differentiation

14. Tes Podagogy

Produced by the editors and writers at the world-renowned TES, this podcast includes interviews with leading researchers, and discussions about the biggest issues facing education in respect of the cult of pedagogy that education leaders face today.

This podcast covers a wide range of topics, including behaviour management, revision strategies, and the concerning issue of teacher retention. The editors of TES Podagogy leave no stone unturned when it comes to discussing everything related to teaching: they interview leading researchers, sparking intense debates on major educational issues, such as ADHD in the classroom.

best education podcasts for UK teachers

15. The SENDcast

The SENDcast is a weekly podcast focusing on Special Educational Needs hosted by Dale Pickles. An award-winning podcast it is the number 1 podcast for discussions around SEND.

This podcast provides a convenient and accessible way to gather advice and knowledge that can be easily incorporated into teachers’ daily lives. It offers guidance to help teachers effectively meet the needs of diverse learners in their classrooms.

Bonus education podcast recommendations

If you’re still thirsty for more, try these: 

  • The Dynamic Deputies Podcast (author’s own!) 
  • Teaching Toolkit
  • Education on Fire
  • School Behaviour Secrets
  • Page to Practice
  • SEND in the experts with Georgina Durrant (Special Educational Needs Podcast‪)

Start listening to the best education podcasts for CPD

So that completes our list of the top teaching podcasts in the UK this year. We’ll keep updating it as we discover new ones so let us know if we’ve missed any gems at And if you find yourself diving into a podcast hole or maybe even starting a new teacher podcast yourself, drop us a line! 

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