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15 Best Teaching Podcasts Every UK Teacher Should Listen To

Teaching podcasts – UK, America or wherever you are in the world – are a great way for teachers to gather some free and fantastic teaching ideas for the classroom and for SLT to get advice and guidance from school leaders who’ve been there before them.  

However, the vast library of education podcasts available nowadays can be a little overwhelming, and as a teacher we know that you don’t have the time to trawl through the charts to find the one you want. That’s why, to save you time, we have taken a look through all of the charts and lists that are out there, and found the 15 best teaching podcasts from the UK that you should be listening to. We have even thrown in two of the funniest education podcasts that you won’t be able to stop laughing at.

Here’s Our Complete List of The Best Education And Teacher Podcasts

Read on for more details and where to find them…

Teaching Podcast 1: The Edtech Podcast

Sophie Bailey’s podcast is all about improving ‘the dialogue between ed and tech through storytelling’ with the aim of having an impact to better innovation in UK schools. This dual focus means that she roams widely in both content and guests. One week you’ll hear the thoughts of Geoff Barton, the General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, the next week there’ll be an in depth explainer on the implication of Blockchain technology for learners, education providers and employers. What more could you want?

Need to know

• The length of the episodes are driven by the topic and the setting, so be warned, some of them can run for well over an hour.

• As a listener you will be given the chance to eavesdrop onto round-table discussions with some of the bigger players in education or sessions from education festivals and conferences from around the world.

• It’s often the first place you’ll hear from new teachers and entrepreneurs using technology to improve educational outcomes.

• Look out for another Edtech podcast festival (inaugurated in 2018).

Who should listen?

Anyone who is interested in education or technology! There is a fantastic mix of topics included in these podcasts, so they are great for everyone.

Try this episode first

Episode 101: Imagine a world of assessment without tests – This is an episode that will be close to many a primary teacher’s heart. Guests include Rose Luckin from UCL who Third Space have also been working with on a research project integrating technology and the learnings from AI to our 1-to-1 tuition platform.

Teaching Podcasts UK - Edtech podcast

Find it here: The Edtech Podcast

Teaching Podcast 2: Pivotal Podcast

Paul Dix, behavioural specialist and host Kevin Mulryne provide weekly ‘free CPD in your ears’. The podcast features practical advice on managing behaviour in classrooms, safeguarding, teaching and learning. Paul is extremely well connected in education and is able to convince many excellent expert interviewees on to his show to share leadership advice from their different perspectives whether it’s leading special schools, choosing the best CPD or embedding good wellbeing throughout school. Highly recommended by many, the advice and examples given are clear and practical.

Need to know

• The how to series on managing everything from behaviour to difficult parents is a source of much excellent advice and a great place to start.

• Paul Dix may be familiar to some more experienced teachers from his popular series of behaviour management programmes on the original Teachers TV.

• This is one of the most highly recommended of all the educational podcasts on our list.

Who should listen?

Anyone who works with children, especially brilliant for middle and senior leaders or teachers interested in leadership issues.

Try this episode first

Episode 188: Yes we can with Rae Snape – This is an interview with Rae Snape a primary headteacher in Cambridge with a clear vision for running her school and implementing change. If you haven’t heard of her yet you’ll be pleased you have done – it’s an inspirational listen.

Teaching Podcasts UK - Pivotal podcast

Find it here: Pivotal Podcast

Teaching Podcast 3: The Learning Scientists Podcast

This is a podcast that has a firm focus on the science of learning, and it gives teachers, parents and students alike a look behind the curtain of the world of education.

The goal of the duo behind the Learning Scientists podcast, namely Megan Sumeracki and former team member and co-founder Jude Weinstein, is to increase the use of effective study and teaching strategies that are backed by research in the classroom, so if you are interested in discovering some research backed tips for teaching, download now!

With episodes on everything from Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia through to research on providing multiple concrete examples, there are a lot of actionable gems locked away in these podcasts that you can take with you back into the classroom.

Need to know

• The episodes range in duration from from 5 minutes to half an hour, perfect for listening to whilst cooking dinner.

• There are a wide variety of topics covered throughout the episode list, so there is something in here for everyone.

• The brilliant education illustrator Oliver Caviglioli has provided some fantastic infographics to help break down the key points in each podcast which you can download for free here.

Who should listen?

Students, teachers and parents alike who want to know more about the science of learning and how it can improve their own study and practice.

Try this episode first

Episode 2: Retrieval Practice – Retrieval practice is one of the 6 strategies for effective learning that the Learning Scientists cover in their series, and this episode is a great introduction to the topic.

Teaching Podcasts UK - Learning Scientists podcast

Find it here: The Learning Scientists Podcast

Teaching Podcast 4: Mr Barton Maths Podcast

Craig Barton, a maths teacher, TES advisor and creator of mrbartonmaths.com has his own podcast where he interviews inspirational and interesting educational guests. Although it says in the name that it’s a ‘Maths Podcast’ it goes much much further than that. From education to in depth research teaching as a whole, it includes something for teachers and educators at every stage of their educational journey!

Mr Barton’s Maths Podcast has played host to some big names in the world of education (not just mathematics) including Nick Rose, Lucy Crehan, Jane Jones, Former HMI National Lead for Mathematics at Ofsted and Mark McCourt of Emaths and those celebrated mastery blogs. He even managed to interview his hero Simon Singh, author of Fermat’s Last Theorem and the Codebook.

Many teachers are using these podcasts as ‘CPD on the go’ and they come highly recommended as does Mr Barton’s book How I Wish I’d Taught Maths. While the book is based around experience he had in secondary school, if you’re a primary teacher or leader you’ll want to read headteacher Clare Sealy’s series of blogs breaking down the book for a primary school audience, starting with cognitive load theory.

Need to know

• Mr Barton’s podcasts vary in length, but most last for just over an hour

• Many teachers have used these podcasts as a chance to improve their classroom practice on the go, and it has worked for them! It really is CPD for those occasions when time is limited!

• The episodes are very informative on teaching and education as a whole, not just for maths. They are full of fantastic insights from both Craig and his guests that you would struggle to find anywhere else.

• This is one of our favourite UK primary teaching podcasts here at TSL.

Who should listen?

Teachers of any subject, especially Maths, looking for accessible, effective CPD and an insight into current debates in education.

Try this episode first

Episode 61: Bruno Reddy – It’s almost impossible for us to select just one from Craig’s list as every episode is a winner. However, knowing that most of you reading this are primary teachers beginning with the episode containing Bruno Reddy, creator of the primary school favourite TTRockstars makes sense!

Teaching Podcasts UK - Mr Barton Maths podcast

Find it here: Mr Barton Maths Podcast

Teaching Podcast 5: The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast

The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast is relatively new but is filled with cutting edge educational research which is extremely interesting for those of us involved in the world of education.

It is brought to you by Iesha Small who splits her time between the podcast and being a maths teacher, as well as having experience as a governor in the Early Years phase and as a senior manager and teacher across schools and academies throughout London and the East of England. Iesha’s experience along with the expert interviews provide interesting and unique views on the educational world that you won’t find anywhere else.

Need to know

• There is a new podcast released every fortnight, so a new and interesting episode is never far away.

• The episodes range in length from 20 minutes up to around 45 minutes.

• This is a great UK teacher podcast, with a focus on how educational research affects teachers, as well as how to improve outcomes for all young people!

Who should listen?

Those who have an interest in the world of educational research, and are passionate about the topic.

Try this episode first

Episode 12: Rob Webster, Teaching assistants and inclusive education – Rob Webster from UCL leads the maximising the impact of teaching assistants initiative at UCL and is full of practical recommendations drawn from his wide research experience.

Find it here: The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast

The 15 Best Teaching Podcasts That Every Teacher Needs To Listen To

The 15 Best Teaching Podcasts That Every Teacher Needs To Listen To

If you are too busy to read the whole blog now, download our handy 1 page PDF that contains all of the podcasts and links to where you can download them!

Teaching Podcast 6: The NAHT Podcast

You’ll find James Bowen talking about all things school leadership along with various key thought leaders and individuals that can directly affect what’s happening in the education world. Brought to you by the ‘two most progressive and proactive teacher focused associations’, NAHT Edge and NAHT, this podcast is bound to draw you in. Sharing the same values as the two associations bringing it to life, the podcast delves into how a better education system, for both teachers and students, can be achieved.

Need to know

• Episodes last between 20 and 50 minutes.

• The insight this podcast gives you into the the world of school leaders puts it in a unique position. Few other podcasts if any have this level of access to the people that implement decisions in schools on a daily basis, so it is a great place from which to gather tips and advice.

• This UK teaching podcast series is a must listen for SLT.

Who should listen?

This podcast is especially useful for individuals in their school’s senior leadership team.

Try this episode first

Episode 16: Laura McInerney, Professor Becky Allen and Fiona Millar – Laura and Becky have transformed our understanding of teachers’ lives with their brilliant TeacherTapp app of daily questions. Find out more about it on this episode.

Find all of the episodes here: The NAHT Podcast

Teaching Podcast(s) 7: The TES Podcast Including TES Podagogy

As we all know, the team at TES has huge resource at their disposal and thanks to this they have been able to come up with not one, but two, amazing education based podcasts! On the TES Podcast the topics discussed are wide ranging and almost all encompassing, from discussions on teacher pay, and LGBT teachers through to episodes on school staples such as SATs, Ofsted and Teacher Wellbeing.

TES Podagogy however puts a focus on bringing you the latest news, reviews and opinions from the world of education and it has played host to some big names. People like Doug Lemoy, Daisy Christodoulou, Robert Bjork and Dylan Wiliam have all been on the show giving their opinions on varying topics, and with new episodes coming out almost every week it is well worth subscribing to!

Need to know

• Episodes vary in duration with some lasting 15 minutes and other for an hour when the team deep dive into a topic.

• TES is usually one of the first place you can hear news about new policy announcements (alongside Third Space Learning of course), which is very helpful for those in leadership roles.

• Each week there is also an edition of the podcast looking at the content of the week’s TES magazine, giving you an insight into what is coming up.

Who should listen?

Covering such a wide range of topics means that the TES podcasts can be used across the school. Teachers and SLT alike can take important information from the episodes, and as UK teaching podcasts go, they do not get much more thorough and in depth than these.

Try this episode first

TES FE (Podagogy) Podcast: Dylan Wiliam on growth mindset, cognitive load and the role of research in your classroom – This is a great introduction to the importance of research in determining how teachers teach; he also explains why why Cognitive Load Theory should be known about by every teacher. If this is something you would like to learn more about, you can find out more in Clare Sealys blog which is a thorough introduction to cognitive load.

Teaching Podcasts UK - The Tes Education podcast

Find it here: The TES Podcast and The TES Podagogy Podcast

TES have also created a list of the “10 Podcasts to change the way you teach”. 

Teaching Podcast 8: The TED Talks Education Podcast

The TED Talks Education stage is a place where some of the worlds greatest educators, researchers, and community leaders have been able to share their combined wisdom and knowledge, and the great news is that it is available for you to listen to in a podcast format!

Each talk is wholly different, with every speaker bringing their own unique expertise so you will easily find one (or probably many more) that interest you. Topics that have been covered during the talks include ‘Math is forever’, ‘A new equation for intelligence’, and ‘Teach teachers how to create magic’. It isn’t just teaching tips in these podcasts, and you are highly likely to feel inspired after listening to them!

Need to know

• These podcasts are so varied in both topic and duration that you will need to carefully choose which one you listen too! Some are quick ten-minute episodes perfect for the walk/car journey to work, and others are up to 2 hours long for those occasions you want to delve into a topic in more detail.

• As you may already know, TED Talks are also available in video format, so if you find a talk that you feel would benefit your class you can easily show it to them as well.

Who should listen?

Teachers and educators who are looking for a new source of inspiration. The speakers at TED Talks are experts in their fields and speak with such passion that you’ll easily become immersed in the topic, whether you thought you would be or not!

Try this episode first

Episode 34: Math is Forever with Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón  – With a wry smile and a good sense of humour, mathematician Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón tackles a question that has been on the mind of bored students the world over for years; What is maths actually for? He helps to show the importance of the topic and really make you think…all in less than 10 minutes!

Find it here: The TED Education Talks Podcast

Teaching Podcast 9: Trialled and Tested by the Education Endowment Foundation

A newcomer on the podcast scene, the EEF have teamed up with Evidence Based Education (EBE) to bring you Trialled and Tested. So far there has only been one episode on the topic of Metacognition and self-regulation, but they have already been able to attract some big names in their respective fields.

On the first episode EBE’s Jamie Scott speaks to Alex Quigley, EEF Senior Associate, and Megan Dixon, The Director of Aspirer Research School. They look at what metacognition and self-regulation are, and how these approaches can be implemented in the classroom.

Need to know

• We don’t have much to go off just yet, but we know that the first episode is 43 minutes long so you can expect these episodes to be thorough on whatever topic they are covering!

Who should listen?

Anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of the educational world. The EFF are a huge name in education, so you can almost guarantee that their podcast will be packed with up to the minute news and views.

Try this episode first

Episode 1: Metacognition and self-regulation – They are only one episode in so this made this an easy pick! If you would like to read a little more on the topic, our Curriculum Lead here at Third Space Learning has created a 7 step practical approach to metacognition to help you use metacognition in the classroom.

Find it here: The Trialled and Tested Podcast

Teaching Podcast 10: The NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) Podcast

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) has a fantastic podcast which tackles the range of topics the maths has to offer. Everything from books that can help you with maths teaching, through to a thorough look at what types of Maths CPD works for teachers has been covered in the episodes so far.

This podcast also gives you the chance to get a behind the scenes look at the areas of the education world that you may otherwise be unable to see. Guests have included Andrew Taylor and Neil Ogden from AQA and OCR respectively, and Robert Wilne, a maths lead for a number of primary and secondary schools across the UK.

Need to know

• Episodes range from around 30 minutes in length up to over an hour.

• The NCETM has access to some high calibre guests, so each podcast contains a invaluable content.

• Podcasts are sporadic with no set release date, so some months you may get two to enjoy, and other months there may not be a podcast!

Who should listen?

Teachers and SLT members with a firm interest in maths. The team here explore all areas of mathematics across both school and college, so if this is a topic close to your heart then this is the podcast for you.

Try this episode first

Episode 4: One primary school’s teaching for mastery journey – In this podcast, the NCETM team talk with the Headteacher from a Birmingham Primary School which was in an underachieving area, and discuss how by embracing mastery teaching they changed the path the school was on. Even with help like this podcast it can be a little tricky to know where to start on a mastery journey, so if you do need some extra tips and tricks, our Ultimate Guide to Maths Mastery is a great place to start.

Find it here: The NCTEM Podcast.

Teaching Podcast 11: The Education on Fire Podcast

Mark Taylor created this podcast to “inspire you as teachers and show you how schools are embracing creativity within the confines of the ‘system’”. As a National Council Member of NAPE Mark, your host, guides guests through interviews which cover all elements of education.

Episodes are as varied as they could possibly be. One week you could be listening to a fascinating chat with Kim Waldock, the Head of National Programmes for the Learning and Participation department at the Royal Opera House, and the next a discussion about P.E with Ben Landers, founder of ThePEspecialist. No two weeks are the same with this podcast and that is what we love about it!

Need to know

• Episodes are released in themed seasons, so make sure you check out the website to see what is coming up.

• During a season, episodes will be released every Monday.

• Podcast duration can vary, but on average they last for 30 minutes.

Who should listen?

Anyone working in education who is looking for inspiration around creative and inspiring ways you can introduce learning in your school.

Try this episode first

Episode 064: How to create a school with less testing, less planning & verbal feedback This episode is an interview with Flora Barton, Headteacher at Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School where they put a big focus on supporting their pupils to become independent learners as well as creating a working environment for the teaching team to thrive, inspire and be creative. One of the innovative ways this has been done is by the Headteacher of a primary school banning marking, and this is exactly what Clare Sealy did!

Teaching Podcasts UK - The Education on Fire podcast

Find it here: Every episode of Education on Fire can be found here The Education on Fire Podcast

Teaching Podcast 12: Teacher Toolkit Podcast

We’ve all heard of and probably used Teacher Toolkit, Ross Morrison McGill’s resources in the past, but did you know that Ross and his Teacher Toolkit team also have a podcast? Speaking to a range of people about a wide variety of topics, the TT team manage to cover a lot in their short, sharp podcast episodes.

Each podcast tackles a big picture issue within education, and some highlights include a look into the question of “Why Hasn’t Education Changed In Two Centuries?” and a discussion with Adisa the Poet about why teachers should nurture their personal creativity.

Need to know

• Each episode is short with few lasting beyond 10 minutes making them perfect for a quick lunchtime listen!

• The variation in discussion topics means that as well as teaching tips and advice you will be able to listen to some fascinating chats like the ‘100 Years, 100 Women’ series they have.

Who should listen?

The quick episodes make for a great introduction to podcasts if you aren’t already a fanatic, and with each topic being extremely interesting in its own right you can’t go wrong here!

Try this episode first

Episode 23: Vic Goddard – Coming to the nation’s attention as the Headteacher of Passmores Academy, the school that featured on Educating Essex, Teacher Toolkit’s discussion with Vic Goddard is all about why teaching is the best job in the world! We had to choose this one really though, as one of his former students is in our team here at Third Space Learning! Podcasts with teachers are a great way to gather knowledge from other educators who may have been there and done it all already!

Find it here: The Teacher Toolkit Podcast

Teaching Podcast 13: Go With Me On This

So this one hasn’t been out long – 5 episodes in total in series 1 – but it’s a cracker. Sponsored by Pearson, it’s fronted by the excellent Ndidi Okezie and Laura McInerney. Each episode Ndidi or Laura has 30 minutes to convince the other than an idea about education is not as crazy as it may first appear. The additional twist is that whoever is doing the convincing also has to contend with two or three guests taking the opposing view too.

The presenters have very different styles of presenting their case. Laura appears to love taking a deliberately provocative viewpoint; Nididi on the other hand is much more of a gentle persuader. This is part of the appeal of the show! 

Need to know

• Positions taken are inevitably contrarian – do not listen if you risk being offended by an element of polemic. 

• Good range of guests and topics so far from Knife Crime to Careers education.

Who should listen?

Fans of Ndidi Okezie, Laura McInerney and TeacherTapp, and engaging educational debate on issues of the day. 

Try this episode first

Episode 2: Parental Engagement: Parents should leave the educating of their child to the school Provoked? You might well be :-)

Find it here: Go With Me On This

Bonus Comedy Teacher Podcasts – These Two Will Have You Learning And Laughing!

The world of education can be a serious place at times, but fortunately these two podcasts are here to brighten your day after a tricky day of teaching!

Teaching Podcast 14: Two Mr P’s in a Pod(cast)

Mr P and his ICT blog are very well known in the teacher community, and by joining forces with his younger brother, Adam, an HLTA in a primary school, they have managed to create an extremely fun and engaging education-based podcast.

This podcast is all about two teachers who have great chemistry, no wonder as they’re brothers, sharing hilarious stories from their time in the classroom whilst encouraging their listeners to share their own stories as well. This is a mood-lifting listen, guaranteed to make both teachers and non-teachers laugh. It’s great for everyone but really does remind teachers that their job is great!

Need to know

• The episodes last anywhere from 25 minutes up to an hour.

• This is fun-filled easy listening – It is almost impossible not to crack a smile when listening.

• Each podcast has a ‘learning objective’ so they’re very tapped into their audience’s on a day to day basis.

• Between the two of them, Leeroy and Adam Parkinson have experienced it all in the classroom so be prepared for some NSFW conversations. Make sure those headphones are plugged in…

Who should listen?

Classroom teachers and fans of Leeroy Parkinson’s ability to channel exactly what thousands of teacher are thinking and feeling at any point!

Try this episode first

Episode 4: LO – To get through the SATs (without a teacher fail) – Comfort for any teacher who’s been there and wondered how they’ll ever get to the end of that week in May. SATs are stressful, there is no doubt about that and here at Third Space Learning we are all about helping you as teachers get through that testing period. That is why, in addition to listening to this podcast, we thoroughly recommend checking out Aidan Severs’ (A.K.A @thatboycanteach) blog on the Essential KS2 SATs Preparation Tips.

Teaching Podcasts UK - Two Mr Ps in a pod podcast

Find it here: The Two Mr Ps in a Pod(cast)

Teaching Podcast 15: The brainEDcomedy Podcast

Here’s another fabulous edu-comedy podcast that will be sure to keep you entertained on a rainy day! The hosts, referred to as ‘brainED’, are both teachers. They started out in the podcast world with a ‘spoof professional development programme for the aspiring school leader’ called ‘heading for headship’, which is a brilliantly hilarious podcast series full of jokes exploring the different areas of school life for a school leader. This one truly does come under the category of funny teacher podcasts!

Need to know

• Episodes last for half an hour, so they are perfect for that commute into work and are a great way to ensure you are in a good mood all day!

• The 5 star reviews speak for themselves. This is one funny podcast!

Who should listen?

If you’re looking for a laugh, then it’s definitely for you! Teaching doesn’t have to be serious all the time!

Try this episode first

Episode 1: Heading for Headship – Wellbeing – This is the episode that kicked off the series with a bang, so there is no better place to start your brainEDcomedy journey.

Teaching Podcasts UK - BrainEDcomedy podcast

So there you have it, our list of the top 15 teaching podcasts in the UK and beyond. We are sure we have probably missed some off of the list, so if you have any you would like to see added make sure you get in touch with us and we can update the blog! We will be happy to include teaching podcast, those on general education or anything in between, so if you find yourself diving into a podcast hole or maybe even make a start a new teacher podcast yourself, let us know!

If you have been using UK teaching podcasts as a way to help your class but are still looking for that extra step that may get them over the line come May, then take a look at our SLT checklist to help you decide whether or not your pupils need an intervention.

Do you have pupils who need extra support in maths?
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Ellie Williams
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The 15 Best Teaching Podcasts That Every Teacher Needs To Listen To

The 15 Best Teaching Podcasts That Every Teacher Needs To Listen To

If you are too busy to read the whole blog now, download our handy 1 page PDF that contains all of the podcasts and links to where you can download them!

Download Free Now!

The 15 Best Teaching Podcasts That Every Teacher Needs To Listen To

Downloadable resource

If you are too busy to read the whole blog now, download our handy 1 page PDF that contains all of the podcasts and links to where you can download them!

Download Free Now!

FREE KS2 maths SATs practice papers

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