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Proudly working with 4,000 schools over 10 years

An external intervention provider can help schools raise attainment without adding to staff workload.

But it’s important to choose a provider that has specific experience working with schools like yours.

Since 2013, we’ve worked closely with schools of all shapes and sizes to help raise attainment and build confidence in over 150,000 pupils.

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“Third Space tutoring has made a real difference! Our students have been motivated by a different way of learning than in the classroom. One to one programmes tailored to the individual needs of the child is time very well spent.”

Cameley CofE Primary School


Cameley CofE Primary School

Experience with schools

Built for schools

Research has shown that one to one tutoring is one of the best ways to close the maths attainment gap – but it needs to be closely aligned with classroom teaching.

All Third Space Learning programmes are built by former teachers and maths pedagogy experts in line with the national curriculum.

Experience with schools

Loved by pupils

Pupils won’t attend sessions that don’t engage them or get them feeling excited about maths learning.

Tutors make sure that pupils are actively involved in their learning and have opportunities to reflect on how and what they’re learning.

Experience with schools

Easy to run

Teachers can’t be everywhere at once in a class of thirty or more.

With Third Space Learning, multiple pupils receive personalised one to one support at the same time, addressing individual learning gaps without taking class teachers away from whole class teaching or increasing workload.

Experience with schools

Trackable progress

It can be challenging and time consuming to ensure that individual pupils have fully grasped a maths concept before moving on.

Third Space Learning gives teachers quick, easy access to the progress their pupils make, helping to see individual impact and inform their own class teaching.

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