Continuing your 1-to-1 maths sessions

Our priority at this time is to work closely with schools to enable maths teaching and learning opportunities to continue for as many pupils as possible. 

We are working hard to continue running the 1-to-1 lessons, whether that is from home or in school.

We understand you may want to make some changes to enable your school to continue benefitting from the intervention. We’re more than happy to be flexible to enable your sessions to run in a way that works best for your school and pupils, whether that’s switching pupils, changing time slots or splitting groups into multiple sessions.

If you have pupils heading back to school in the coming weeks and months who you’d like to get set up on the intervention, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any assistance.

Our support team is available to help between 8:30am and 6:30pm, but as our phone lines are quite busy right now, you may want to start by reviewing these frequently asked questions:


Will the 1-to-1 sessions continue to run during school closures?

Yes. As our tutors teach online we are fortunate to be able to deliver sessions remotely. Sessions can either take place from school (for children of key workers or for pupils who have returned to school) or home.

How do pupils access sessions from home?

Pupils will be able to join their sessions from home as long as they have access to a laptop or desktop with an internet connection. Whilst it is also preferable to have headsets, the sessions can go ahead without them as long as they have a microphone and speakers. 

What guidance should I give parents about running sessions from home?

You can share this letter with parents about running sessions from home. Our support team will be monitoring sessions as usual and parents can ring 0203 771 0094 if they have any problems getting their child’s session up and running.

What if my pupils don’t have internet or a laptop?

We know that not all pupils have access to a laptop. In this case, we recommend identifying other pupils in the school who do and swapping them on to the sessions. You are not restricted to pupils in the same year group so you could add anyone from Year 2 to Year 6. 

As long as you are able to contact the pupils once they are working at home to let them know, this can be done at any point over the next few weeks.

We have also spoken to some schools who have arranged for school laptops to go home with certain pupils for this reason. Understandably this may not always be possible but it’s something you may want to consider. 

Can I use the sessions for children who are in school?

Yes. We know that schools will be very stretched in terms of staffing. We can provide access to 1-to-1 maths lessons each week for those pupils who are in school, whether that’s children of key workers or children who have returned to school as part of the phased approach. As usual, the pupils’ lessons can be chosen automatically, and the planning and teaching of the intervention sessions is done for you so it could be a good way to save teacher time. 

You can either swap your current places to these pupils or contact us about adding any additional places if required. 

How do I swap different pupils on to the sessions?

To swap new pupils on to the sessions, you just need to create a new profile and replace them in the chosen time slot. 

  1. Log in to your account and click “Pupils”
  2. Click “Add pupil” and save their details
  3. Navigate to the relevant date and time on the plan sessions
  4. Click on “replace pupil” and follow the steps from there

Do the sessions have to happen at the same time as they do in school?

Your pupils’ tutors are booked in to work with them at that specific time, so for the most consistent experience, it is best if they can log in at the same time. However, our main priority is to allow pupils to keep having these maths lessons, so if it would work best to change time please do contact our support team on 0203 771 0096 or email and we will do our best to rebook them on a different day or time. 

What other support do you have for home learning?

The Third Space Maths Hub continues to offer thousands of maths resources for all staff at your school. All schools using our 1-to-1 interventions have access to all premium resources.

To make accessing our resources even easier, we have collated a list of resources most appropriate for home-learning. You can view the full list here

How can I share the maths hub resources with parents?

Your pupils’ parents can now join your school’s Premium Maths Hub account. We hope this will provide additional support for pupils and parents as they transition to home-learning. Parents should follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Maths Hub registration page using Google Chrome, Safari or Edge
  2. Under ‘Job Title’, select ‘Parent’
  3. Enter your child’s school’s postcode and select the school name from the list
  4. Enter your email and create a password (edited) 

You can find more guidance for parents here