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Positive Maths Mindset

A safe space to make mistakes

Maths anxiety can be debilitating. It can cause a fear of mathematical activities and even limit maths performance.

Maths often causes more anxiety than other subjects.

At Third Space Learning, we understand the challenges maths anxiety can bring, that’s why we train our tutors to encourage a positive maths mindset.

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“The children are loving their tutoring sessions, any initial shyness has totally disappeared and if they are unsure then they have the confidence to ask for the tutor to explain it in a different way.”

Skegby Junior Academy, Nottingham

Teaching assistant,

Skegby Junior Academy, Nottingham

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Learning in a safe space

Pupils can become easily discouraged when asking and answering questions in front of their peers, particularly if they fear the failure of getting the answer wrong.

During online one to one tutoring sessions, pupils are encouraged to discuss mathematical concepts at a pace suited to the individual, in a safe space without peer pressure.

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Valuing mistakes

For many, maths anxiety derives from the fear of making mistakes and answering questions incorrectly.

That’s why pupils are taught, by specialist maths tutors, that mistakes are a healthy process in the learning journey and how to learn from their mistakes.

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Time to explore

During whole class teaching there is not always time to explain mathematical concepts in the depth some individual learners require.

One to one tutoring sessions provide learners time to explore concepts more deeply and build on the foundations of whole class learning whilst promoting a growth maths mindset.

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Praising a growth mindset

Praising only correct answers can lead to maths anxiety, pupils will refrain from engaging in maths activities if they are focused about answering correctly rather than the whole mathematical process.

Pupils develop a positive maths mindset with the help of trained tutors who praise the individual’s effort and engagement, in a nurturing learning environment.

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