Free Times Tables Worksheets For Primary School: Year 3 to Year 6

Times tables worksheets are a good way for students to practise times tables and multiplication skills. Get free answer sheets, times table charts, and times table worksheets for primary school years 3, 4, 5, and 6 from Third Space Learning.

Learning times tables is a big part of primary school maths. It supports other maths skills, like, multiplication and division, and is as essential as phonics in English. Multiplication skills that are taught with times tables in primary school are used in everyday life as adults. Whether that is calculating multi-buy offers or working with exchange rates, multiplication problems are everywhere.

Help learners practice these essential skills with our times table sheets and maths resources.

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30 Times Tables Tests and Answers

Test your students' times tables skills with this free pack of times tables tests and answers.

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Why we’ve created these times tables worksheets

With the Year 4 times tables check and preparing students for SATs and secondary maths, there’s a big focus on mastering multiplication tables throughout primary school and it can be tricky for teachers to know how to teach times tables in an effective way. For this reason, there’s also a large demand from teachers for times tables, worksheets and resources. 

At Third Space Learning, we listen to the needs of our teachers and hope to make their work just a little bit easier by supplying them with high quality teaching and learning resources. 

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What you can expect from these times tables worksheets

All of our worksheets and resources are created by experienced teachers to ensure they are inline with the national curriculum and ready to be deployed in classrooms. All math worksheets come with answer keys.

Our times tables worksheets also follow a maths mastery approach, aiming beyond just instant recall and instead working to instil a deep mathematical conceptual understanding.

How to get hold of these times tables worksheets

Below is a list of some of our most popular times tables worksheets, including premium and free worksheets. All worksheets are printable and come with answer keys.

Our resources are simple to obtain, just click the link and enter your email address, moments later the resource will land in your inbox. Alternatively, those subscribed to our maths hub can log in and access any one of our hundreds of primary maths resources from there. 

Times tables worksheets

Our times tables packs have been divided into year groups in the following section, however, some of the resources are applicable throughout primary school:

Year 3 times tables pack

Year 3 children need a wide range of times tables activities to keep them engaged in times tables practice. These resources include worksheets, maths games and word problems to get children learning in a fun way.

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Year 4 times tables pack

With the multiplication tables check just around the corner, it’s important for Year 4 students to master their times tables. These resources will help them do just that. Fill in the missing numbers with Tarsia Puzzles, practice with multiplication worksheets and times tables games and test your students’ knowledge of multiplication facts. 

Year 5 times tables pack

Practice times table multiplication with this times tables pack for Year 5. Includes 16 different times tables games, flashcards and workbooks to help students practise times tables. 

Year 6 times tables pack

Times table preparation is crucial for Year 6 students as they prepare for SATs. This pack of times tables resources for Year 6 contains all of the multiplication facts and applications that students will need to know for SATs. 

How can I use times tables worksheets with my class?

These printable worksheets created by teachers for teachers, should be easy to introduce into your classroom. Looking for more resources? Help students learn their division facts with these division worksheets and take times tables further with this collection of multiplication worksheets

Take a look at our maths hub and whole school resources for more primary resources on a wide range of topics such as place value, fractions, percentages and decimals. For children who require additional support, Third Space Learning offers online, one-to-one tuition lessons. Personalised to the individual needs of each student our online tuition works to fill gaps in learning as well as give young mathematicians more confidence. 

Supporting learning at home? See our blog on How To Learn Times Tables At Home.

Third Space Learning online one to one tuition lesson slide on times tables
A times tables lesson slide from a Third Space Learning online tutoring session
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FREE Long Division Worksheets for KS2

3 ready to use worksheets for your class that will help them with all aspects of long division from 1-digit numbers through to working out multiples!

One worksheet covering division with 1-digit numbers, one covering 2-digit numbers and one for working out multiples.

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