Free Multiplication Worksheets For Primary School: Year 3 to Year 6

Multiplication is a crucial maths skill but one that many students struggle to master. This collection of primary multiplication worksheets and multiplication games are aimed to help your students solidify their understanding of multiplication. With practice worksheets covering all of the multiplication skills needed from Year 3 to Year 6, there’s something here for every primary maths teacher. 

Why we’ve created these multiplication worksheets

At Third Space Learning, we’re dedicated to closing the maths attainment gap. We work towards this goal by supporting over 100,000 teachers across the country, supplying them with lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, other learning and teaching resources as well as affordable online tutoring. 

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Teachers tell us what they need and we listen! This collection of multiplication worksheets was driven by the requests of primary teachers and school leaders, hoping to boost their students learning multiplication. 

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What you can expect from these multiplication worksheets

All of our worksheets are made for teachers, by teachers. Our team of former primary maths teachers carefully create each resource and worksheet ensuring they closely follow the national maths curriculum. Each maths worksheet listed below is easily accessible via our quick links, is printable and comes with an answer key.

How to get hold of these multiplication worksheets

It’s easy to get going with our printable multiplication worksheets, simply click on the link, enter your email address and the resource will be in your inbox shortly. Teachers who are subscribed to our Maths Hub can also access resources by logging into their account. 

Multiplication worksheets

A sample of our multiplication worksheets are listed below and are separated into year groups. However, some of our multiplication resources are appropriate for all KS2 learners.

For more times tables resources, check out our collection of times tables worksheets and resources on long multiplication, long multiplication method and multiplication games.

Year 3 multiplication worksheets

In Year 3, students are just starting to learn their basic multiplication facts, fact families and using single digit multiplication with whole numbers. They are also learning about the commutative property of multiplication. In Year 2, pupils are likely to have learned multiplication as repeated addition and used skip counting to work out multiplication questions and will build knowledge beyond these techniques. Tarsia puzzles are a fun form of multiplication practice to help your students develop their knowledge of maths facts and grid method multiplication.  

Year 4 multiplication worksheets

Year 4 is a big year for multiplication as children are expected to know all facts up to the 12 x 12 multiplication tables. This set of times tables worksheets and multiplication drills will ensure your students are ready for the multiplication tables check.  Help your students to learn their multiplication charts with these resources. 

Year 5 multiplication worksheets

Year 5 students will need multi-digit multiplication worksheets as they expand into multiplying larger numbers. This set of Year 5 multiplication worksheets will help to identify and fill gaps in students’ multiplication knowledge and challenge them to work with larger numbers.

Year 6 multiplication worksheets

Year 6 maths is about bringing students’ primary maths knowledge together. These Year 6 maths worksheets combine multiplication with the other operations; subtraction, addition and division as well as bringing in other mathematical concepts such as place value, fractions and decimals. 

SATs multiplication worksheets

Multiplication features heavily on the SATs exam, making it crucial to ensure that students are multiplication masters. These multiplication SATs preparation worksheets can help get them there. They also include related topics that students will need to know before SATS including lowest common multiple, highest common factor, what is a multiple and factors.

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