AQA Maths Papers

Here you will find all the free practice GCSE AQA maths papers and past papers for GCSE level maths for Foundation tier and Higher tier.


What can you expect from the AQA maths papers?

Exam questions are set out in the style of the specimen AQA papers from the exam boards and include answers and mark schemes.

Set 1a of the AQA maths exam papers are based on the GCSE mathematics advanced information 2022.

Sets 2 onwards are predicted papers based on GCSE maths past exam papers and the relevant AQA specification, maths course and specimen papers for each tier. Set 3 contains bespoke RAG analysis spreadsheets.

All GCSE maths questions on the exam papers are created by current or former AQA examiners and expert maths teachers.

How to use these AQA maths papers

AQA Foundation Papers sets include:

AQA GCSE Maths Foundation Paper 1 (non-calculator)

AQA GCSE Maths Foundation Paper 2 (calculator)

AQA GCSE Maths Foundation Paper 3 (calculator)

AQA Higher Papers sets include:

AQA GCSE Maths Higher Paper 1 (non-calculator)

AQA GCSE Maths Higher Paper 2 (calculator)

AQA GCSE Maths Higher Paper 3 (calculator)

AQA Maths Foundation Papers: Set 1a (2022)

These specially created AQA maths papers are an essential addition to your GCSE maths revision for GCSE exams.

They closely match the AQA GCSE maths past papers provided by the exam board and in relation to the grade boundaries we know them to be fairly accurate predicted papers.

AQA Maths Foundation Papers: Set 1a (2022)

While the style and layout of these AQA question papers will be familiar to students the content is new and unique.

Schools who follow the AQA GCSE mathematics syllabus often use these practice papers for mock exams or as an assessment resource - the mark scheme and topic coverage enable you also to see individual gaps for each student studying AQA maths.

AQA Maths Foundation Papers: Set 1a (2022)

If you need further GCSE maths exam practice and preparation take a look at the free worksheets, diagnostic quizzes, and GCSE revision resources available below.

As well as these AQA maths papers, we also provide free practice papers for different exam boards, including OCR Maths Papers & Past Papers and Edexcel Maths Papers & Past Papers. These are broadly suitable as part of revision for the IGCSE exam, too.

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GCSE Maths Higher Papers

GCSE Maths Foundation Papers

For old spec papers and the AQA GCSE maths, OCR GCSE maths and Edexcel GCSE maths past papers follow these links:




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