Free Home Learning White Rose Worksheets – For Independent Recap

To support teachers, leaders and parents during this challenging time, we’re building a library of KS2 maths worksheets that match what children have been learning in their White Rose and Oak National Academy online maths lessons.

We’re calling these worksheets Independent Recap, as that’s what they’re designed to do. The first set of KS2 maths worksheets have been released already (see a list of the topics below) and we’ll be adding to these maths worksheets each week during the summer term.

Background to the Third Space maths resources

At Third Space Learning, we have always tried our best to support schools with the interventions and resources they need. Our 1-to-1 maths interventions target pupils’ gaps with pinpoint accuracy, while reducing workload for their teachers.

The downloadable resources and professional development videos in our our online resource library, The Third Space Maths Hub have all been created in response to teachers and leaders asking us for more.

These Independent Recap worksheets are now the next iteration of this as we respond to the demands placed on teachers, leaders and parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

We know schools will be managing a challenging period of both school-based and at home learning. For this reason and to support busy teachers these resources will be provided free for all year groups and will remain free for the remainder of the summer term.

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Why we’ve made these new maths worksheets

The challenges that teachers and parents face at the moment have never been higher. While parents try to juggle childcare and home schooling around the demands of their own work, or concerns around the lack of it, teachers are being asked to split their time between in school provision and planning engaging and effective lessons that can be delivered online.

Everyone is stretched.

But you’re not alone. There is help available from other education organisations.

We believe that the best support a child in maths can receive is one-to-one tuition from a trained maths specialist but we also know, that many of the pupils we teach year round are from families on free school meals where access to technology at home can be challenging. Our autumn programme will be there for them when schools return.

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Independent Recap Worksheets

Download these free, time-saving worksheets for your year 1-6 pupils. Designed to be used alongside White Rose Maths home learning activities.

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Matched to White Rose and Oak National

In the meantime, to keep learning going over the next few months, the BBC, White Rose and Oak National Academy have all created very good online lessons for children to follow at home.

But as educators we know that just teaching the lesson isn’t always enough to ensure that children have learnt the topic. They need to practise their learning, they need to forget and recall the information.

That’s what these new Independent Recap maths worksheets are for. And best of all they’ve been designed so that pupils can tackle them independently without input from parents or teachers.

How to use the new Independent Recap worksheets

These maths worksheets are designed to align where possible with the objectives that will have been taught if you’re following White Rose Maths or Oak National video lessons online.

They are available for every pupil from Year 1 to Year 6 covering topics from angles to measurement and fractions. And they will be free to download throughout the summer term.

Each worksheet is designed to be completed independently by pupils and provide some practice of the concepts that they have been learning, whilst also providing some greater depth challenges.

Download all free Independent Recap worksheets here

What you can expect for each year group

Every week a child will have 4 worksheets to work through. The idea is that you use one a day, leaving time on the 5th day for a separate task, new teaching or a maths challenge.

This will help to ensure variation throughout the week.

There are three sections to each sheet:

  1. Arithmetic – based on Fluent in Five, four arithmetic questions covering a variety of calculations, to keep pupils working on their mental and/or written arithmetic. Linked to concepts pupils should already have covered, and a good opportunity for recall.
  2. Practice – a range of questions covering the concept (11 for KS1, 14 for KS2), some are simple procedural questions, others encourage pupils to spot mistakes or explain their thinking.
  3. Challenge section – a question encouraging pupils to think more deeply, taken from our popular Rapid Reasoning resource.

Teacher and parent-friendly design

  • Clear mark scheme – useful for sharing with parents or could be shared with pupils to get them to self assess for a completely independent task.
  • Space saving for printing (or view on online) – designed to save paper whether printing in school or at home, and ensuring they can easily be displayed on the Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Clear learning objective – so you can align with teaching even if doing that objective at a later point in the term.
  • Adaptations for KS1 – these include more pictorial representations and space for jottings where necessary.

We have put together the list below to help you see what objectives these worksheets will be tackling each week – links take you straight through to the resource library. We will update the links from this blog post regularly as we continue to add the content to the Maths Hub. If you want to go straight to the Maths Hub, you will find the latest uploads marked with a New tag or use the ‘Collections’ filter and select ‘Independent Recap’.

Go straight to:
Year 1 worksheets
Year 2 worksheets
Year 3 worksheets
Year 4 worksheets
Year 5 worksheets
Year 6 worksheets

Year 1

Week 6 – Measure – 01/06

Measure mass worksheet
Compare mass worksheet
Introduce capacity and volume worksheet
Measure capacity worksheet

Week 7 – X and Division – 08/06

Counting in 2s worksheet
Counting in 5s worksheet
Counting in 10s worksheet
Equal groups and repeated addition worksheet

Week 8 – X and Divsion – 15/06

Make arrays worksheet
Make doubles worksheet
Sharing worksheet
Grouping worksheet

Week 9 – Place Value – 22/06

Counting to 100 worksheet
Partitioning Numbers worksheet
Comparing Numbers worksheet (1)
Comparing Numbers worksheet (2)

Week 10 – Place Value – 29/06

Ordering Numbers Worksheet
Recognising Coins Worksheet
Recognising Notes Worksheet
Counting in Coins Worksheet

Week 11 – Fractions and Time – 06/07

Find a half (1) worksheet
Find a half (2) worksheet
Find a quarter of objects (1) worksheet
Find a quarter of objects (2) worksheet

Week 12 – Time – 13/07

Time to the Hour worksheet
Half Hour worksheet
Writing Time worksheet
Comparing Time worksheet

Year 2

Week 6 – X and Division – 01/06

10 times table worksheet
Sharing worksheet
Grouping worksheet
Odd and even numbers worksheet

Week 7 – Fractions and geometry – 08/06

Unit fractions worksheet
Non-unit fractions worksheet
Finding a half worksheet
Finding a quarter worksheet

Week 8 – Fractions and geometry – 15/06

Properties of 2D shapes worksheet
Properties of 3D shapes worksheet
Sorting Shapes (2D and 3D) worksheet
Shape patterns worksheet

Week 9 – Measurement – 22/06

Measure Length worksheet
Compare Length worksheet
Four Operations with Length worksheet
Compare Mass worksheet

Week 10 – Measurement – 29/06

Measure Mass in g worksheet
Measure Mass in kg worksheet
Compare volume worksheet
Millilitres worksheet

Week 11 – Measurement/Time – 06/07

Litres worksheet
Temperature worksheet
O’clock and half past worksheet
Quarter Past and Quarter To worksheet

Week 12 – Time – 13/07

Telling time to 5 minutes worksheet
Hours and days worksheet
Find durations of time worksheet
Compare durations of time worksheet

Year 3

Week 6 – Fractions – 01/06

Tenths as decimals worksheet
Fractions on a number line worksheet
Fractions of an amount worksheet (1)
Fractions of an amount worksheet (2)

Week 7 – Fractions – 08/06

Equivalent fractions (1) worksheet
Equivalent fractions (2) worksheet
Equivalent fractions (3) worksheet
Comparing fractions worksheet

Week 8 – Fractions – 15/06

Order fractions worksheet
Add fractions worksheet
Subtract fractions worksheet
Add and subtract – same denominator worksheet

Week 9 – Angles/shapes, time – 22/06

Turns and Angles worksheet
Comparing Angles worksheet
Describing Lines worksheet
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines worksheet

Week 10 – Angles/shapes, time – 29/06

Draw Lines and Shapes worksheet
Recognise 2D shapes worksheet
Recognise 3D shapes worksheet
Telling the time to the nearest 5 mins worksheet

Week 11 – Mass, capacity, statistics – 06/07

Measure mass worksheet
Compare mass worksheet
Add and subtract mass worksheet
Measure capacity in ml and l worksheet

Week 12 – Mass, capacity, statistics – 13/07

Compare capacity worksheet
Add and subtract capacity worksheet
Pictograms worksheet
Bar Charts worksheet

Year 4

Week 6 – Fractions – 01/06

Add 2 or more fractions worksheet
Subtract 2 fractions/subtract from whole amounts worksheet
Fractions of a quantity worksheet
Calculate quantities worksheet

Week 7 – Decimals – 08/06

Tenths worksheet
Divide 1-digit by 10/ Divide 2-digit by 10 worksheet
Hundredths worksheet
Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100 worksheet

Week 8 – Decimals – 15/06

Making a whole and writing decimals worksheet
Compare decimals worksheet
Order decimals worksheet
Round decimals worksheet

Week 9 – Money and statistics – 22/06

Making Amounts of Money worksheet
Compare and Order Money worksheet
Estimating Money worksheet
Four Operations with Money worksheet

Week 10 – Money and statistics – 29/06

Interpret charts worksheet
Comparison, sum and difference worksheet
Introducing line graphs worksheet
Line graphs worksheet

Week 11 – Geometry and measure – 06/07

Identify angles worksheet
Compare and order angles worksheet
Triangles worksheet
Quadrilaterals worksheet

Week 12 – Geometry and measure – 13/07

Lines of Symmetry worksheet
Complete a Symmetric Figure worksheet
Describe Position worksheet
Draw on a Grid worksheet

Year 5

Week 6 – Fractions – 01/06

Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers
Multiply mixed numbers by integers
Fractions of amounts
Fractions as operators

Week 7 – Decimals and % – 08/06

Decimals as fractions worksheet
Thousandths as decimals worksheet
Rounding decimals worksheet
Order and compare decimals worksheet

Week 8 – Decimals and % – 15/06

Understand the percent sign worksheet
Percent as fractions and decimals worksheet
Add – same decimal places worksheet
Add – different decimal places worksheet

Week 9 – Decimals and geometry – 22/06

Subtract – same of decimal places worksheet
Subtract – different decimal places worksheet
Multiply decimals by 10, 100, 1000 worksheet
Divide by 10, 100, 1000 worksheet

Week 10 – Decimals and geometry – 29/06

Measuring angles up to 180o worksheet
Drawing angles up to 180o worksheet
Identify angles on straight lines worksheet
Identify angles around a point worksheet

Week 11 – Geometry and measure – 06/07

Regular and irregular polygons worksheet
Identify 3D shapes from 2D shapes worksheet
Reflection worksheet
Translation worksheet

Week 12 – Geometry and measure – 13/07

Converting between units of metric measures worksheet
Metric and Imperial measures worksheet
Converting units of time worksheet
Timetables worksheet

Year 6

Week 6 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (Spring) – 01/06

Fractions to percentages worksheet
Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, Percentages worksheet
Order Fractions, Decimals, Percentages worksheet
Percentages of amounts worksheet

Week 7 – Algebra (spring) – 08/06

Find a rule (1 and 2 step) worksheet
Forming expressions worksheet
Substitution and Formulae worksheet
Forming and solving one step equations worksheet

Week 8 – Algebra and measures – 15/06

Forming and solving two step equations worksheet
Finding Pairs of Values worksheet
Converting metric Measures worksheet
Converting between miles and kilometres converting

Week 9 – Measures and ratio – 22/06

Area and perimeter worksheet
Area of a triangle worksheet
Area of a parallelogram worksheet
Volume/ volume of a cube worksheet

Week 10 – Measures and ration – 29/06

Introduction to Ratio worksheet
Calculating ratio worksheet
Using scale factors worksheet
Calculating scale factors worksheet

Week 11 – Geometry and problem solving – 06/07

Calculate angles (including vertically opposite) worksheet
Angles in Triangles worksheet
Angles in Quadrilaterals worksheet
Angles in Polygons worksheet

Week 12 – Geometry and problem solving – 13/07

Nets of 3D shapes worksheet
Parts of a Circle worksheet
Pie Charts worksheet
Calculating the Mean as an Average worksheet

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Please feel free to link back to this blog and to individual resources on your school website. These worksheets can be printed and sent home with pupils, or can be used in class, and displayed on the IWB (especially if you aren’t handing out sheets in class).

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